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Much to his chagrin, Keita is discovering this the hard way. Who will emerge victorious?

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Upon discovering that his new enemies are actually allies, Keita receives the guidance and the goods necessary to take on the evil behind the false alter-egos running rampant all over the world. Will the strength gained from his newfound friends be enough to help him through this grueling journey?

After overcoming the initial shock of seeing his dead mother in a recent photograph, Keita travels to Okinawa with Kuro and Akane. Following a reunion with his karate-master grandfather, Keita and company are led to an island where they meet twin feral Mototsumitamas. But as they get closer to that truth, Keita comes face-to-face with his mother?!

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Or is she…? Still in Okinawa, Kuro and the twins unvover a Shishigami plot to systematically destroy sources of tera around the world! But when the Shishigami invite Keita to join them, will that be enough to snap him out of his confusion? But factions emerged among the mototsumitama, and now the violent betrayal that destroyed her clan drives her search for the head of the Shishigami family. The mutual tragedy of their pasts draws Keita and Kuro closer together — this fight has become personal for both of them.

Having systematically destroyed all the protective soul stones in Japan, Hiyou reveals his plot to gather alter egos together and unleash a massive wave of negative energy that could threaten the entire country. In the heat of battle, Keita and Kuro learn that Shinobu is a minus root—one who must absorb the tera of others lest she be overcome by the raw negative energy within her.

  • BLACK GOD story by Dall-Young Lim, art by Sung-Woo Park.
  • Der Diversification Discount am deutschen Kapitalmarkt: Eine empirische Untersuchung des Bewertungsunterschieds zwischen fokussierten und diversifizierten ... und seiner Einflussfaktoren (German Edition).
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  • The Itinerant Pleasure Seeker.
  • BLACK GOD story by Dall-Young Lim, art by Sung-Woo Park.
  • Black God, Vol. 1?

Is there anyone left to protect the island? Though Kuro and he were ultimately victorious in Okinawa, Keita worries that his own weakness is holding back the team and begins training even harder to face the battles that lie ahead. Unfortunately, more than danger is looming on the horizon. Accosted by an agent of the Shishigami clan, Keita and Kuro have no choice but to fight. Just as Kuro manages to take Aragi down, his contractee shows up, eager to wrap things up as quickly as possible.

Black God, Vol. 1

Never has Kuro felt so powerless in battle. Even if she emerges from the fight alive, will her confidence remain intact? In spite of weeks of training with Keita, Kuro crumbles at the reappearance of the mototsumitama Aragi. Their actions helped fortify Kuro in the past, but will their words give her the strength she needs to draw upon the full extent of her power and defeat her most feared enemy?

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Keita and Kuro learn more about Ghost, the masked man who serves as the face of the Shishigami clan to those mototsumitama living in Tokyo. When Arie Souyou describes how Ghost convinced her father to agree to an alliance with the Shishigami before mudering him before her eyes, Kuro and Keita decide to pursue Ghost in the hope that he will lead them to the elusive mastermind behind the upheaval in Tokyo — Reishin Shishigami. However, tracking down Ghost will require the assistance of the other Tokyo clans, and they may be less than willing to help Kuro, as she herself is a member of the dreaded Shishigami!

In the s, Prophet Jones, a faith healer, told his flock that God spoke to him directly. He lived a lavish life. He had gold-crusted mansions and a personal staff. In the decades that came, their gospel would take center stage. When racial barriers in neighborhoods and employment somewhat fell after the civil rights movement, a class divide deepened in Black America. The middle and upper classes integrated the white mainstream or made enclaves of color while the poor languished in rural poverty, Section 8 housing or run-down suburbs.

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Prosperity gospel answered the psychological need of a divided people. For the poor, it gave a false hope that their lives can change if they just prayed hard enough. Wealth, however, cannot stop a bullet. Wealth cannot even stop a racist insult. Outrage pushes Black youth to rise up, and when they march, they did not reach for the Bible but for cellphones. How can the new generation see his teaching today? Although still religious, Black youth, like America in general, increasingly go to church less and read Scripture less.

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When they gather, plan and start protests, it is online or, if in person, more often at a college or community center. They use memes, not Bible verses. They are queer or queer allies. They do not use a top-down command structure, but are decentralized. And yet, Black liberation theology is still relevant today. Religion is a mirror of our deepest selves. What if you do not believe in Jesus?

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  6. It is that need, not the image, which makes authentic religion ultimately revolutionary. The parts of ourselves that are alienated, whether as sin or shame, can be brought back to our bodies. James Cone recuperated his blackness through the image of a Black God. If we open his work, we can take the first practical step of publicly stripping conservative evangelicals of their false piety.

    If we open his work, we can reconnect with Black churchgoers caught in the prosperity gospel and invite them into social movements. We can show them how Black Lives Matter and other movements represent the core of their faith and our history. God is what unites us across differences, which is why we begin with those whose difference is used as an excuse for their suffering. We say God is a woman. God is poor.

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    God is gay. God is a refugee. God is us. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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