Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles

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Historical situation. Beale, Gregory K. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, forthcoming Blazosky, Bryan. BBRSup This book examines whether Paul teaches that Gentiles are condemned by and enslaved under the law. As far as the contribution of this book to the Pastoral Epistles, on the one hand, I only cover one section of the Pastoral Epistles 1 Timothy —11 in part of one chapter the chapter on Pauline writings outside of Galatians and Romans.

Bray, Gerald. ITC series webpage. Brown, Michael I. Dallas, GA: Tolle Lege, forthcoming. Dodson, Joseph R. Edited by Stanley Porter and Andrew Pitts.

Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles

Leiden: Brill, forthcoming or It is a response to John M. Ebojo, Edgar Battad. Chester Beatty ii — p. The question of whether the LTT could have been part of P46 receives extended attention on pp. The author plans to publish the work, though no immediate plans have been made for publication; the quality of the work, however, suggests there will be no problem in finding a publisher. In the meantime, the thesis is publicly available here and supplemental information here.

Fitzgerald, John T. The Pastoral Epistles: A Commentary. Minneapolis: Fortress, forthcoming. Gatiss, Lee, and Bradley G. These two scholars are preparing the volume on the Pastorals in the Reformation Commentary on Scripture series.

Best Commentaries on the Pastoral Epistles - Tim Challies

Hall, David W. Edited by Roland Deines and Mark Wreford. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament. Hultgren, Arland J. Edited by Stanley E. Porter and Christopher D. Pauline Studies Leiden: Brill, [February] Hutson, Christopher R. The Pastoral Epistles.

Paideia Commentaries. Grand Rapids: Baker, forthcoming [November] While considering the particular features of each individual letter, Hutson reads these three letters collectively as an epistolary handbook for young ministers. At the same time, Hutson resists a hermeneutic of suspicion that views these letters as hopelessly patriarchal and written to inculcate Roman domestic values as normative for Christian churches.

Hutson mounts robust arguments against discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, or social class, but he does so from the Christological and eschatological warrants that he finds to be driving the letters. The goal is to open up a deep well of resources from which ministers can draw as they seek to engage new challenges in the twenty-first century. Langford, Andrew M. It demonstrates that the Pastor creatively synthesizes diverse sources, pursuing his agenda both through creative acts of authorial fiction that draw upon key themes and terms from the Pauline homologoumena and through the appropriation of language and ideas from contemporary philosophical and medical discourses.

MacLean, Malcolm. Titus and Philemon. Merz, Annette. Bruce W. Winters These und ihre Rezeption in der exegetischen Diskussion kritisch beleuchtet. WUNT 2. Nel, Marius. The Story of God Bible Commentary. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, forthcoming. Pao, David W. Unique to this series is close interaction with the Greek text, informed by recent developments in the study of the Greek language. Porter, Stanley E. Pastoral Epistles. Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament. Grand Rapids, Baker: forthcoming. Several of the distinctives are consideration of issues surrounding time and place of authorship, appraisal of the influence of context upon interpretation of what Paul writes, and a fuller consideration of issues of language than contained in most commentaries.

As a result of such considerations, there are a number of new readings of passages offered that attempt to break out of some interpretations that are grounded more in tradition than they are in the language of the text. Smith, Andrew.

Overview: 1 Timothy

Stanley, Steve. Evangelical Exegetical Commentary. Van Neste, Ray. Wieland, George. Projected publication date: Zamfir, Korinna. Timothy as Example — pp. On Widows —16 pp. On Presbyters —20 pp. Exhortation to Timothy —25 pp. On Slaves , 2a p. Warning Against False Doctrine b—5 p. Warning Against Avarice —10 pp. The Battle of Faith —16 pp. Rules for the Wealthy —19 p.

The Pastoral Epistles : a commentary on the Greek text

Second Epistle to Timothy pp. Salutation; Christian Tradition and Apostolic Suffering —14 pp. Apostasy or Authentication —18 p. Exhortation to Suffering —13 pp. Personal Authentication in View of Heretics —26 pp. Heretics are the Sinners of Last Days —9 pp. Summary Exhortation — pp. Instructions for Timothy —15 p. Personal Information about Paul —18 p.

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Greetings and Valediction —22 pp. The Epistle to Titus pp. Initial Greeting —4 p. Installation of Presbyters and Regulations for the Bishop —9 pp.