The Beautiful and The Damned

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Their days are marked by endless drinking, dancing, luxury, and play. But when the expected inheritance is withheld, their lives become consumed with the pursuit of wealth, and their alliance begins to fall apart. The Beautiful and Damned is at once a gripping morality tale, a rueful meditation on love, marriage, and money, and an acute social document.

Paul, Minnesota. Scott Fitzgerald. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you purchase this book from your favorite retailer. Read An Excerpt. The Beautiful and Damned By F. Scott Fitzgerald By F. Paperback 2 —.

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Add to Cart Add to Cart. About The Beautiful and Damned F. Also in Vintage Classics. Also in Modern Library Classics. Also by F. See all books by F. About F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Anthony has a fear of dying and consequently stays away from what he perceives as danger. He drives incredibly slowly and carefully which irritates Gloria; she can't stand this kind of behavior and thinks it makes Anthony seem cowardly. Gloria manages to irritate Anthony by refusing to undertake any domestic activities whatsoever, which Anthony expected her to take on.

The relationship quickly sours.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Gloria wants a home in the country. Anthony accedes to her request, and rents one, to stop her going on about it.

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Anthony loves living in the city and refuses to give up his apartment so renting an additional home stretches their already over-burdened finances to the limit. Gloria and Anthony continue to live beyond their means and discover that the only thing that can divert them both from arguing and from worrying about their sorry financial predicament is to throw large, extravagant parties.

The parties make them seem enormously popular but in fact the opposite is true; they are becoming alienated from their friends because their friends are settling down, working hard, spending less time socializing, whilst Anthony and Gloria have no intention of doing so. Anthony's Grandfather is wholly against the consumption of alcohol and when he shows up unannounced at one of the couple's parties, he is appalled by Anthony's enjoyment of alcohol.

He disinherits Anthony, and replaces him in his will with his secretary, Shuttleworth. This is revealed upon his death which occurs shortly after he changes the beneficiary of his estate. Gloria and Anthony cash in all their bonds so that they can continue to live extravagantly; they just cannot picture themselves cutting back, or living more modestly. They both depend upon and irritate each other, so when Anthony is called upon to go to an army training camp, both enjoy the enforced separation. Anthony begins an affair with a woman named Dorothy Raycroft but feels horribly guilty about it as soon as the affair starts.

Anthony is a terrible soldier, but before he is deployed the war comes to an end. He is excited to return home to Gloria, who has missed him too, but soon their old pattern returns and they are unhappy all over again. Gloria has always dreamed of becoming an actress but learns that she is considered too old to be a leading lady. She is thirty but feels as if her life is over.

She prepares herself for death.

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The only glimmer of hope for her is that the lawsuit she and Anthony filed against his grandfather's estate might succeed. She suggests they move to Europe and die there.

The Beautiful and Damned

Anthony counters with suggestions of people whom they might approach for a loan until the lawsuit is decided. He suggests they go to Bloeckman, her former movie producer flame, but Gloria already called in a favor from him to get a screen test - the screen test at which she was told she was too old to be a leading lady. Anthony meets his estranged best friend whilst stumbling home from a bar, drunk. Maury Noble won't even let him finish asking him for a loan, which frustrates Anthony, and in his agitation he goes to confront Bloeckman, who is drinking in a very elite drinking club.

They get into a fist fight and Anthony is thrown out.