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His customers were musicians who tinkered with electrical wiring to make their guitars louder and project sound further. Fender and his partner, Kaufman, took a different approach, developing a solid-body guitar that was not just loud, but had excellent tone.

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Their prototype became the basis for the Telecaster. The Telecaster was ideal for mass production because of a simple and modular design that did not need to be assembled by hand.

The body was machine-cut from a slab, not hand-carved. The neck was screwed on, rather than glued on, which made it easily removable for servicing.

The neck was also built from a solid piece of wood without a separate fingerboard. The electronic control panel was removable, another innovation making the guitar simpler to repair than its predecessors. Rock musicians and their legions of fans adopted and customized Fender guitars and other electrics to generate loud and textured sounds. Electric Guitar. Open main navigation Watch. English English voanews. Learning English learningenglish.

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