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New in the current edition, KeeperFill works for app passwords on all platforms. Another hotkey fills in the username, and a third fills in the password. LastPass and Sticky Password Premium use a somewhat awkward multi-step process to capture app passwords. RoboForm attaches a toolbar to app windows that seem to be asking for a password. Keeper doesn't attempt capture. You either create the entry manually, or use one of your existing website logins. At the moment, Keeper relies on Accessibility Services to fill Android app passwords.

I asked one of Keeper's co-founders about the news that Google is cracking down on use of Accessibility Services unless it's directly related to helping users with disabilities. He was delighted that I asked. You know not to share your passwords with just anybody, but there are cases when you must share with a trusted partner.

With Keeper, you can share any password record with another Keeper user, and maintain as much control as you like. To share a record, you start by entering the recipient's email. If that email address doesn't correspond to a Keeper account, the product lets you know that the recipient will have to sign up for a free account, and that it will email you once that happens.

The recipient gets notification within Keeper itself. By default, the recipient can view and use the login, but can't change it. You can set it to allow editing, allow sharing with others, and even make the recipient the owner of the record. The simpler sharing system in LastPass just lets you choose whether the recipient can view the password.

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Dashlane lets you choose between limited access like Keeper's default and full co-ownership. If you want to share multiple passwords with other users, you're better off creating a shared folder. Here, too, you can limit how much control you grant to the other users. To start, you get to say whether each user can add or remove users, and add or remove records.

You also control whether other users can edit or share each record. A small sharing icon distinguishes shared folders from others. What happens to your online accounts after you shuffle off this mortal coil? Will your descendants be able to access your bank accounts? Post a final message on your social media pages?

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Like Dashlane, LogMeOnce, and several others, Keeper now includes a system to give a trusted friend or relative emergency read-only access to your accounts. You enter the email address for up to five trusted individuals who have a Keeper account. For each of them, you set a timeout, from no delay to one week. If one of them requests access while you're still aboveground, you get a notification, and an opportunity to revoke access by the over-eager heir.

The similar feature in RoboForm and LastPass allows a longer timeout, up to 30 days.

With the business-focused Zoho Vault , access is immediate, and an administrator can take control of any work-specific passwords. And it includes the advanced features found in the very best password managers, among them password inheritance, secure sharing, two-factor authentication, and an actionable password strength report. For security reasons, it doesn't perform fully automated password updates, but you can update and save a password with a single click.

It has a new, streamlined user interface that's consistent across all platforms and browsers. I'm going to switch to Keeper for my own password management needs. A password manager needs to do its job with as little friction as possible.

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  • Otherwise users will drop it and go back to using the same password everywhere, or writing passwords on sticky notes. Keeper's interface is even slicker than Dashlane's, and it's impressively consistent across platforms. It joins Dashlane as a password manager Editors' Choice. He was present at the formation of the Association of Shareware Professionals, and served on its board of directors.

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    Terms of use. Pros Supports all popular platforms and browsers. Cons Web form filling somewhat limited. No fully automated password updates. Similar Products. Sticky Password Premium. LastPass Premium. Password Boss. AgileBits 1Password. Authentic8 Silo. RoboForm 8 Everywhere. True Key by Intel Security.

    Zoho Vault. Neil J. More From Neil J. F-Secure Anti-Virus. Get Our Best Stories! There is absolutely no way to remember all the passwords I have unless I used the same one for all applications. Now wouldn't that be fun to get to change everyone every time the 6 that are changed every 6 months! Worth every penny I have spent over the years.

    I called the Keeper team today, and the representative I spoke to was very professional and concerned. She was a pleasure to speak with. The problem is a certain audit feature that we like being removed from the family plan. I sent a request to have it added back.

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    We have been using Keeper for a longtime now and are very happy with it. We love the new Fill feature and more. Keeping all computers and devices secure is so important. Making it easier on many devices is paramount. Think about family with children and having a way to audit weak passwords easily especially today with so many passwords. Password security is so important now with so many online accounts and services on various devices. Some still use silly passwords.

    Biometric systems, secure keys, encrypted storage, and more will improve over time. I hope more ideas come to fruition and companies speed up deployment. Sorry for the long post and I could add so much more, but I will stop. I rely on this app a lot, maybe too much. I tried all sorts of resets with the phone and the app but nothing worked. They had to reset my account on their end and they provided no explanation as to what happened. A Keeper is a creature genetically modified by the Shadows to be used by the Drakh to control individuals from other races.

    Franklin dissects Captain Jack 's Keeper. Newborn keepers are spawned from a device called a 'technonest', a process that leaves the parent keeper reduced to a shrivelled blackened husk. Born with a high degree of self-awareness but no sense of being or purpose, a keeper is immediately bonded to a Drakh.


    Driven only by instinct it digs its still short and stubby tendrils into the specialised nourishing pouch on the Drakh's chest and becomes a part of the Drakh Entire as a whole, though it will always remain especially responsive to the individual Drakh to which it bonds. Once bonded to a Drakh the keeper quickly matures and an exceptional specimen can become fully grown in as little as three days and ready to be implanted into a thrall.

    The skin of a keeper is covered with microfibers that dig into the victim's skin and hook into their neural system. The creature itself is built like a series of synaptic relays that can cut into the neural pathways and override them and the longer they stay attached to a host the more microfibers it grows and the greater its ability to control becomes, so its control over a given host grows as it does.

    The keeper can not be completely removed from its host while both it and its Drakh controller are alive, and even if most of it is somehow destroyed or excised, it will quickly regenerate.