Aardvarks in the Clouds and Other Flights of Fancy: 55 Humorous Poems

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Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, and John Ashbery stand out among major American poets - all three shaped the direction and pushed the boundaries of contemporary poetry on an international scale. Drawing on biography, cultural history, and original archival research, MacArthur shows us that these distinctive poets share one surprisingly central trope in their oeuvres: the Romantic scene of the abandoned house.

Arthur is indeed not into contests. While he has shown immense skills in winning game shows, he backs out at the last minute. Other times, he cheats, or otherwise uses other people's ideas to support his own. Arthur is seen playing many sports throughout the show. He usually just plays baseball and soccer with his friends, but in " D. Goes to Washington ," he has a daydream about him playing golf with the President. In " Team Trouble ," he plays American football. He is forward and goalkeeper for the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team. Arthur competes on Lakewood 's soccer , track , and baseball teams , as well as on a bowling team against Mighty Mountain.

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Arthur wants to be popular, and loves celebrities and fancy living. At times, Arthur is very focused on his popularity to the point of being awkward. Arthur is often mocked by other classmates, especially Francine, for having bad things happen to him or liking unpopular things. He is known to mumble his words when ever he evades somebody's questions.

Hey Aardvark

W has caught him doing before. When he does finally tell the truth, he is scolded by Rattles and lectured by Binky Barnes moments before they all run off to play sports together.

He is occasionally referred to by his full name when he gets into trouble, although his middle name, "Timothy," wasn't actually mentioned until " Arthur's Big Hit " from Season 4. He occasionally cheats when he feels overwhelmed, or his friends insist he compete in a contest. Despite Buster Baxter having the reputation for eating too much food, Arthur loves to eat desserts. Arthur is regarded as a messy eater. This often gets him into trouble. Arthur has the potential to be an intelligent person, but tends to be one who doesn't use common sense, much to the annoyance of his parents.

An example of this is in " Arthur's Knee ," where he tells D. Arthur usually takes advantage of people until they are exhausted and frustrated. Arthur made a mistake with the responsibility of giving tax documents from Mr. Haney to Jane Read. Arthur was so afraid that it was about him that he avoided giving it to her. In " Besties ," Arthur suspects that Ladonna has become Buster's best friend. He tries multiple approaches to get Buster to be his best friend again, including lying to Ladonna that Buster said something mean about her.

However, Arthur apologizes, and they become friends again. Arthur has a dislike for large but warm sweaters. In Locked in the Library! However, they made up after Arthur became worried about her safety. While Sue Ellen does find it funny at first, Arthur starts going too far with the joke. This includes taping an insulting note to Sue Ellen's locker, emailing her a rude image, and writing her a nasty apology note.

After realizing that Sue Ellen wants to change classes because of him, he runs outside and sincerely apologizes to Sue Ellen. Arthur can also be quite bigoted when it comes to people's tastes, such as D.

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Arthur is also not one to get angry so easily, but when he snaps, the other kids are quite frightened by it. They litter right in front of him and tease him about it, but after Pal starts choking on their garbage, Arthur angrily scolds them to help him clean up. In " Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest episode ," he is on a tirade during most of the episode. Arthur sometimes gets frustrated a lot with D. In " Arthur's Big Hit ," D. The plane breaks, and he yells at D. Arthur's anger gets the better of him, and he aggressively punches D.

In " A is for Angry ," Arthur and Brain play in a checkers tournament. Initially, Arthur is excited, while Brain is bored, resulting in Francine and Muffy starting pep rallies to support Arthur and shun Brain. Arthur gets annoyed by this, telling them to give it a rest, only for Francine and Muffy to start pep rallies to support Brain and shun Arthur.

When Arthur learns about this, he screams, and announces that he's quitting the competition. In The Feud , he gets in a fight with Buster , over a video game, because he thought he and Buster have different opinions on how the fight happened, and that caused about the whole gang to get in a feud, and be on each friend's side. But then Binky who was "late" for the feud got involved, and he didn't pick anyone's side. Instead he made his own team, called "Team Binky" where only himself could be allowed. Soon, Arthur and Buster both join "Team Binky" after that. A recurring theme in the Arthur series are the tensions between Arthur and his younger sister.

Arthur is constantly pestered and annoyed by his four-year-old sister D. Read , and even though she celebrated her fifth birthday during the TV series' third season, Arthur still referred to her as a "four-year-old" in the episode " Return of the Snowball ", which aired in the seventh season. Arthur gets frustrated a lot with D. Xerxes thanks her for saving his life, but she indicates Mordecai, saying that the credit should be his.

Haman banishes the Peaoni Brothers to the Island of Perpetual Tickling for their crimes of attempting to crush Xerxes and for entering the throne room uninvited. Though Xerxes believes he is safe, Haman convinces him that a greater threat awaits, which is a family that cannot be trusted. Unaware that Haman is talking about Mordecai, Xerxes unwittingly authorizes an edict to have him and his family banished to the Island of Perpetual Tickling.

Mordecai finds the edict posted in the town and visits Esther on her balcony at the palace. He appeals to her to reveal Haman's evil plans to Xerxes, but she is afraid as she lacks the courage to confront Xerxes and struggles with what to do. While Mordecai reminds her that she need not fear to do what's right, action does not come easy for Esther. Twice, she attempts to inform Xerxes, and both times she fails, lamely inviting Xerxes and Haman to dinner instead. Meanwhile, Haman attempts to get Mordecai to bow to him again and threatens to have his banishment carried out immediately when he refuses.

His attempt is foiled when Xerxes utterly humiliates him by declaring his plan to throw a parade in Mordecai's honor for saving his life. On her third attempt, Esther is finally able to muster up the courage to face Xerxes, and in the process unveils Haman's scheme, forcing Xerxes to banish him to the Island of Perpetual Tickling. Mordecai ends up filling Haman's former position as Xerxes' right-hand-man as Esther, having saved her people, gazes out the side of the palace with a smile.

Omelet Jimmy Gourd is a prince of a kingdom in Denmark who desires some eggs "cooked light and fluffy" to eat. A baker named Horatio Scooter Carrot brings them to him and informs him that they are the last eggs in the kingdom. Regardless, Omelet feels happy about eating the eggs until Ophelia Mr. Lunt remarks "I think we're gonna get letters about this," and asks him to instead share the eggs with the kingdom. However, Omelet selfishly refuses.

Later, Omelet joins a game of Battleship with Percy Pea and is encouraged by him to share the eggs. As Omelet announces his plan to share, he learns that the town has plenty of eggs they were being used for ping-pong balls and has light-and-fluffy eggs, or "omelettes," cooked for everybody. Larry and Junior in the audience are bewildered by the antiquated English. The main story, presented allegedly as a "long lost musical of Gilbert and Sullivan ," focuses on Lyle Junior Asparagus who quietly lives on an island with his fellow Vikings.

As the Vikings return to the island with loot pillaged from a nearby monastery, Lyle slips out on his own ship and gives the monks Pa Grape and the Peas his small share of loot and homemade potholders as a small act of compensation. One day, Lyle's trips are discovered by fellow Vikings Otar and Sven Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber , who confront him and promise to keep it secret.

Lyle convinces them that sharing is a much nicer alternative to pillaging and plundering. A few days later, Lyle is discovered by the Viking leader Olaf Mr. Nezzer , who does not approve and wants to make an example of him. When a storm capsizes the Viking ships, the monks rescue Lyle and Lyle who convince the monks to save the rest of the doomed Vikings. This show of kindness convinces the Vikings to share what they have. Lunt, are hosting the show, greeting the viewers to what is known as "The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown".

Of course, Larry and Mr. Lunt aren't so thrilled about it, telling Pa that they already did something, but Pa tells them that all they did was order Chinese food. Pa then explains to the viewers that for the past few months, they asked fans to cast their votes for their favorite Silly Song, before introducing them to a device called 'The Astonishing Contraption of Silliness', which they will use to tally up the votes for the silliest Silly Song of all time. Lunt comments that that's a lame name for a machine, but Larry thinks otherwise, saying that he likes it, before offering a won ton to Mr.

Pa then demonstrates how the ACOS works, before it speeds up a little then malfunctions. Pa then tells Larry and Mr. Lunt to get to work with getting the countdown all ready. Larry and Mr. Lunt then bring out a bunch of sacks full of votes and place them into the ACOS while Pa explains the rules to the viewers, which are that they will put the votes into the ASOC, which will then count the votes and countdown to the silliest Silly Song of all time.

Lunt to pull the lever. They want to bring Archibald out to tell everyone about his starring role as Jonah, but he's afraid to come out of his dressing room due to the fear of being swallowed by a whale, so Bob tells him that before Jonah was swallowed by a whale, he was a famous prophet who brought God's message to his people. After Message From The Lord, Bob compliments Archie and tries to get him out of his dressing room, but Archie claims he's busy and that he's in the bathtub practicing for the big storm scene, to Bob's confusion and Larry's jealousy.

Larry expresses his jealousy towards Bob before Bob tells to let go of his anger, to which he does and decides to raid the fridge for cheese curls and root beer, to Bob's confusion. Larry explains it's the favorite food of the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and that they're the stars of the movie. After their song, Larry tells Archie if he comes out, he has a surprise for him: his giant super-jumbo movie popcorn. Archie asks if he put butter on there, and Larry goes to do so, but gets it on himself instead, making Archie declare the deal off.

Larry then says to Bob that it's time to roll the next song. So Larry imitates a chicken to Bob and Archie's annoyances, causing Bob to turn off the lights which made Larry scared. Bob claims they blew a fuse on the movie set. Larry then expresses his fear of the dark. Bob then tells him if he knew what it was like to be in a belly of the whale, he'd be compassionate towards Archie and reminds him that Jonah was in the whale for three days and cues the next song.

Suddenly, Bob bumps into the LarryBoy helmet, causing one of its plungers to hit the donut, catapulting it on the ground for the LarryBoy helmet to smash it. Bob objects and tells Larry to show mercy. When asked how much, Bob says that mercy is free and that we should show mercy to others since God shows mercy to us. At this, Larry follows Bob's advice. Bob then asks Larry to help him get Archibald out of his dresing room. Larry agrees, but asks Bob to help him get the jelly off the floor.

Bob suggests he slips some under the door, but Larry has a better idea: to inspire him with courageous heroes from the silver screen. First, he tries to be like Indiana Jones calling himself Indiana Larry, but that doesn't work. Then he tries to be like James Bond penning himself Larry Bond, but it doesn't work either. Finally he comes out as LarryBoy, but that doesn't work. Bob comes out and comforts him, saying real courage doesn't come from watching movie heroes, but from believing God.

After Second Chances, Larry comes out in a scuba outfit and states that since Archibald won't comes out of his dressing room, they're going to take matters into their own hands. When questioned, Larry states that they'll pick someone else to play Jonah: Larry, because Jonah spent a lot of time in the water. Bob gets worried, but Larry tells him he's got his speech for the Academy Awards and makes up a speech.

Bob cuts him off and tells him that he forgot something Jonah discovered; that it's important to praise God. Larry tries to defend himself, but discovers that Archibald is out of his dressing room. Archibald comes out and Bob asks he he's gonna be Jonah after all to which he agrees because he doesn't want Larry to do it. Bob is then glad that Archie's back, but Larry wonders if pirates win awards for supporting actors. Bob tells him and the viewers that they'll find out, and Larry says what'll be like to be whale chow, much to Bob and Archie's confusions ending the episode.

The episode is set in London in Cavis Appythart Bob the Tomato and Millward Phelps Larry the Cucumber are jingle writers who decide to make their big break into musical theatre. While Millward is content to see their work featured on billboards and in newspapers, Cavis believes they can make a difference in crime-ridden London by staging a grand musical that will move the citizens to greater expressions of love. They plan the huge production of a new musical called "The Princess and the Plumber".

However, with only three days left until Christmas Eve, they still need a script. Seymour Schwenk Sullivan's and Gilbert's middle names Pa Grape , their friend and an inventor, shows up in an experimental rocket car a direct reference to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and delivers a box of light bulbs to them. Cavis maintains that if their production is glitzy and bright electric lights are still a novelty at this time and were first introduced at the Savoy Theatre for Gilbert and Sullivan's Patience then their show will be a bigger hit and reach more people.

He plans to integrate the lights directly into the scenery itself. Cavis and Millward also need to convince the city's premiere talent, Constance Effie Pickering Madame Blueberry , to star in the lead role, and they need to get a commitment from Prince Calvin Fredrick Mr. Lunt to attend the premiere. Everything eventually starts coming together, and Cavis starts feeling confident that their production will be a huge success. After noticing a flyer for a Christmas pageant planned to occur on the same night at a local church, Cavis goes to investigate.

He observes Edmund Gilbert Junior Asparagus preparing a low-budget children's play, and concludes that it poses no threat to their production. However, the pageant intends to feature an object called the "Star of Christmas". Wondering aloud about this as he leaves the church, Cavis is overheard by Arthur McHollingshead Archibald Asparagus , a historian who reveals that the Star of Christmas is an ancient relic that has not been publicly displayed for 79 years. He rushes off with great excitement to report the news, which promptly makes the front-page headlines the next morning.

Faced with the prospect of losing their audience, and in particular the Prince, to the church pageant, Cavis and Millward wish to make their own production greater and flashier, and in desperation sneak into the church to steal the Star. They are caught, however, and narrowly escape from the aged "Moyer the Destroyer" Scooter Carrot who was left to guard the relic.

With the Star and the flashy lights, Cavis is certain that "The Princess and the Plumber" is now a guaranteed success. But during dress rehearsal, the excessive number of lights, which Seymour had warned were a fire hazard, ignite the curtains. The theater goes up in flames, taking with it the Star of Christmas. As Cavis and Millward mope over this terrible turn of events, police officer Dwiglight Howarde Jerry Gourd arrives with Moyer to arrest them for stealing the Star.

In the jail, they meet a prisoner, Charles Pincher, who laughs at their efforts to spread love by means of an elaborate stage production. He claims that real love makes sacrifices to help others without expecting anything in return and is extremely rare. As if on cue, Edmund and his father, Reverend Gilbert Dad Asparagus , arrive at the jail to release Cavis and Millward, having chosen out of love not to press charges for the theft of the Star.

Cavis is moved, and he expresses his desire to attend the pageant. However, the pageant is scheduled to start in ten minutes and there is not enough time to walk there. Just then, Seymour arrives in his rocket car. He entrusts Millward to drive the vehicle and try to get them all to the church on time.

After a harrowing ride fraught with collisions and near-misses, Cavis, Millward, Edmund, and Reverend Gilbert arrive at the church just as the pageant is about to start. The pageant is a success, with Prince Calvin and Miss Pickering in attendance. Cavis finally learns that Christmas is not about glitz and grand productions, but about a baby in a manger, Jesus, who is the real "Star of Christmas". After the pageant, Ebenezer chews out Cavis and Millward in regards to the theater and suggests they work in his factory to pay it off setting the stage for the events of An Easter Carol , after which Moyer shows them that the real Star of Christmas the object is safe and that the duo stole the Turtle of Damascus, which he claims most experts consider to be a hoax.

The episode ends with Cavis and Millward performing a selfless act at last: they bring cookies and a gift to Charles Pincher in his jail cell, and Cavis says, smiling warmly, "Merry Christmas, Mr. After Larry and Bob briefly argue over the theme song, a door opens up and they come out of it. The Ventrilomatic and Rusty from the Penguins! Lunt as the "Techno-Gourd of the future" , who runs the machine, which consists of the Wheel of Veggies, which spins most of the VeggieTales cast as if on a roulette, and the Swarming Balls of Disorder, which determine both the topic and genre of the song.

Whoever is randomly selected by the wheel will be kicked off the machine and into a performance room, being forced to sing a song in the process. The French Pea duo starts off the show by singing the cumulative song "There's a hole in bottom of the sea" with a slide show. The show takes a break as animated parable "Lunch" is shown. A blue man named Ed accompanied by his green dog, Mozart tries to buy a treat from a vending machine, but the serve "Yummy" button does not work.

Frustrated, he tries to smack the button enough so it will work, but the machine falls on him. With barely enough strength, he lifts the machine, trying to get it back in its former position, when his treat slips out of the deposit area. He tries to get it, but is crushed again by the machine. He manages to lift it until it is on its other side. He gets the treat and is just about to eat it when a bird poops on it. Ed mopes over the loss of his treat as the parable cuts off with a "the end" text screen. At the last second, Larry steps into the performance room, and sings " You Are My Sunshine ," with Junior Asparagus and a flower chorus.

Rusty is in bliss and requests to watch an aardvark sing. After Binky the Opera Singer walks off the stage frustrated no one has clapped for him, Pa Grape is once again selected on the wheel and sings the folk song Low Bridge, Everybody Down. Bob expresses his hatred of the future as Rusty begins experiencing mood swings.

Junior closes the show by singing a song about going to bed, praying and telling God about his day, and talking to God about how, according to the Bible, he loves him. He also tells God about screwing up not sharing toys, coloring on the wall, making noise, etc. After the song, Bob and Larry announce their departure from the future by saying that they are ready to go home, so they say goodbye and travel back to the present time, with Mr.

Lunt catching up to them at the last second claiming to be disturbed by Rusty and Ventril-o-Matic and wanting to go back to the present. Among Joe's unique skills are the abilities to solve problems, organize resources, and interpret dreams. We soon learn that it is Little Joe's birthday, and the brothers' father Pa Grape lavishes attention and gifts upon him.

When Joe foretells a time when his brothers will bow down before him, their jealousy turns to spite, and they decide to sell him into slavery to the Scallions. He travels on a zig-zag path and ends up in Dodgeball City in the year , where he starts working at a saloon for Mr. McPotipher Scooter Carrot , and his unique skills quickly make him an invaluable employee. Also working at the saloon is Miss Kitty Madame Blueberry , who entertains the patrons from the stage. She also becomes jealous of Joe when he is named Employee of the Month in her place.

She frames him and he is imprisoned for the theft of gold, a crime he did not commit. Joe keeps a positive attitude in jail and is able to help two inmates Jimmy and Jerry Gourd , who have been haunted by dreams. His predictions come true: Jimmy is released and Jerry, presumably, is executed. When his reputation comes to the attention of the Mayor Mr. Nezzer , Joe is summoned to interpret a particularly disturbing dream of the latter, in which seven fat cows are devoured by seven scrawny cows. Joe understands immediately and warns the Mayor: there will be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine from to ; fill the storehouses now so you will be prepared.

Joe is put in charge of distributing the grain during the years of famine. When he recognizes his own family has come to procure food, he is overcome with emotion. He wants to reveal himself to them, but first needs to know if they have changed. He devises a plan where he frames the youngest brother, Benjamin Junior Asparagus , for theft to see how they respond.

When all the brothers insist on taking the fall in his place and rue the previous loss of another brother, Joe reveals his identity. Jude Jean-Claude Pea apologizes to Joe for what he has done to him, who explains that God used the wrong he did to turn it into good, and forgives his brothers. The story concludes with the happy reunion. It is the day before Easter, and the local church is scheduled to have a new window unveiling service at the next day's morning service.

Ebenezer Nezzer, who owns a local factory, used to attend church with his grandma when he was little, but no longer goes. Cavis and Millward disagree over who should approach Ebenezer and ask for a day off for Easter. When the duo ask, Ebenezer lectures them about the history of how his grandmother started making Easter eggs. Ebenezer recalls that before his grandma died, she told him to tell everyone "Easter means no death.

When Reverend Gilbert and Edmund arrive, Ebenezer explains that he plans to tear down the church and build an Easterland theme park in its place.

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When the four protest, Ebenezer becomes furious and kicks them out of the factory, firing Cavis and Millward in the process. The townsfolk soon learn about the news and are worried about the demolition of the church, but cannot stop Nezzer since he owns the property on which the church is located. That night, while Ebenezer is asleep, he sees a vision of his grandma telling him he has missed the point of Easter, and at the stroke of midnight, he will receive a second visitor to help him understand.

Meanwhile, Cavis and Millward attempt, but fail, to break into the factory to steal the Easterland plans. Nezzer then wakes up from his vision and then intends to stay awake for the visitor. He falls asleep waiting for the visitor, and at the stroke of midnight, a clockwork egg suddenly opens and an angel named Hope emerges. She wakes Ebenezer and starts showing him Easter Past, beginning with a church service. A young Ebenezer and his grandma are in attendance, and Grandma Nezzer is trying to get Ebenezer to understand the story of Easter but the young Ebenezer is mainly focused on selling his eggs and wondering why the egg he received is empty.

Next, Hope shows Ebenezer Easter from a year ago, when Ebenezer first started making plastic Easter eggs. He talks to an inventor named Seymour Pa Grape and gets Seymour to agree to invent plastic chickens that can make plastic eggs. Seymour is not paid, but Ebenezer does give him an early free pass to Easterland much to Hope's dismay. Hope and Ebenezer return to Easter Present and visit the Reverend's house, where he and Moyer Scooter Carrot are discussing about the church.

It is revealed that Grandma Nezzer paid for all of the church windows herself, and that just before she died she commissioned the new window that they were going to unveil on Easter morning. Ebenezer remains adamant that remaining loyal to his grandma's business and Easterland is the only way to maintain her memory. Hope and Ebenezer then learn that Edmund is sick and will die within a year if nothing changes.

Ebenezer is shocked and does not understand why Edmund's parents are so calm with such news. Hope then takes Ebenezer back into the church and teaches him the story of Jesus' life, his Crucifixion, and eventually his Resurrection. With a deeper understanding of Easter's eternal significance, Ebenezer finally accepts his grandmother's passing. Hope then welcomes Nezzer to Easter Future. The church is being demolished, the orphanage is gone, Little Edmund has died, and the town's once-brave policeman Jerry Gourd has lost the courage to stop criminals.

Hope disappears back into the egg and Ebenezer pleads for her to come back because they need her. He rushes back to the church to try to stop the demolition and wakes up. He finds out it is still Easter Present and that he has another chance. Ebenezer arrives at the church and stops the crew the French Peas just as demolition is about to start.

Millward suddenly rushes in and shouts that the factory is about to explode and that Cavis is trapped inside. Ebenezer rushes back into the factory to save Cavis, and they escape by flinging themselves through one of the factory's windows by use of a machine just as the factory explodes. It starts raining Easter eggs across the town and Ebenezer promises to help fix up the orphanage and help young Edmund get the medicine he needs with the money he has left. Guest Star: Rebecca St. James as Hope.

In the first story, an English gentleman named Mr. Sly, a flashy disco dancer who performs on the street at night. The neighbors, including Poole, seem to enjoy his performances, but Butterbun is deeply suspicious. When the dancer disappears into the home of Dr. Jiggle Jimmy Gourd , he insists that they warn the doctor. Jiggle also admits to being impressed by the Mr. Sly's fantastic moves, and confesses a desire to be a dancer himself.

Unfortunately for him, his portly stature makes this impossible with his jiggly belly being a target for ridicule. When Butterbun requests an audience with Mr. Sly, Dr. Jiggle becomes frantic and quickly shows his guests the doorstep. Butterbun is determined to find out who Mr. Sly really is and why he keeps disappearing into Dr. Jiggle's house.

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  • Amaranthine (Vampire 101);
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He enlists Poole to set a trap for him, to detain him while he dances and remove his disguise; but this plan fails when Poole instead gets caught up in the dance. The following night, Jiggle faints, and Sly appears again. Butterbun discovers that Jiggle and Sly are the same gourd, and Jiggle confesses to take dance class.

Butterbun tells Jiggle that's great and he did not need to hide in a disguise because he's special just the way God made him. Jiggle finds out that he can dance in his own way. The Snoodles live in Snoodleburg, a town which features prominently a large clock tower in the center. Every fourth Tuesday, it spits out a new Snoodle which slides down a chute to join the Snoodle society.

The viewers then witness the birth of one such creature named Snoodle Doo. He is born without any knowledge of his talents or abilities, but has on his back a backpack which contains paints, a paintbrush, and a kazoo. He also discovers he has wings. Attempting to figure out his purpose in life, he tries to utilize these gifts: first flying and then painting.

But his attempts are met with ridicule by the older, more experienced Snoodles. Making matters worse, they paint him pictures of his failures and stuff them into his backpack. The weight of these pictures and figuratively their ridicule drag him down, making him feel worthless. He decides to leave Snoodleburg and, observing the finches flying freely over Mt. Ginches, decides that he too will go there. After an arduous climb he eventually reaches the peak. There he meets a Stranger, the Creator of the Snoodles which is a representation of God himself , who lives in a cave high above the clouds.

The Stranger asks the Snoodle why he is so dejected, and the Snoodle explains that it is because he is no good at anything. The Stranger invites him in for tea and throws the hurtful pictures into the fire, assuring him that they look nothing like him. The Creator then draws him a new picture, one that shows him confident and proud, which encourages Snoodle Doo to not just fly, but to soar. Snoodle Doo's own picture, the one ridiculed by his elders, is then hung by the Stranger on his fridge. The story ends as the young Snoodle flies back to Snoodleburg and tells of his journey to the others.

The first segment is a silent short film in 's America. The three veggie stooges Larry the Cucumber, Mr. Lunt, and Jerry Gourd are assigned by Mr. Nezzer to deliver a piano to Madame Blueberry, who lives in a mansion at the top of a very high hill. Lunt and Jerry give up on the seemingly impossible task, Larry perseveres and is rewarded for his eventual success. In the second segment, Lutfi presents a story about the origin of St. Patrick's Day.

The story tells about Maewyn Succat , a young English boy who is kidnapped by pirates and sold as a slave in Ireland. His new life is miserable and he spends his days in constant prayer, even as those around him celebrate paganism.

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  4. When God tells him it is time to leave, Succat runs away and returns to England by way of France. Back at home, Maewyn continues his scholarship and dreams that the people of Ireland are begging him to come back and teach them about Christianity. Succat grows up to become a bishop , is rechristened " Patrick ", and fulfills his destiny to return to Ireland.

    In the third segment, the titular story parodies the Karate Kid and Rocky film series , mainly the third Rocky movie , as well as Gilbert and Sullivan 's operetta The Mikado. The story takes place in 's Japan. He succeeds in injuring his sparring partner Po-Ta-To as a result of his clowning around when Po slips on a banana peel and falls from the ring, injuring his back.

    He is admonished for his joking by Mikey Pa Grape , who accuses him of being weak, lacking ambition, and never completing what he starts when young Hadrian Junior Asparagus reminds him that he has not yet fixed his bike. Meanwhile, the Champion, Apollo Gourd , is looking for an opponent now that Po has been injured.

    OURSA Conference Recording

    The prize is a new "Tiger Bike". Wanting the bike for Hadrian, Scallion accepts the challenge. Mikey agrees to become his trainer on the condition that Scallion does everything he says. Scallion starts out well and trains hard, but when things get difficult, he quits. However, when Scallion sees Hadrian emulating him he realizes that he must set a good example and persevere. He returns to his training with relish and eventually is ready for his match with Apollo Gourd, though naturally no one gives him a chance.

    However, Scallion does surprisingly well in the match. He lasts longer in the ring than anyone ever has against Apollo. When they both tumble out of the ring at the same moment, the match is called a tie. Unfortunately, this means that Apollo remains the champion. In spite of this, Scallion is victorious for having persevered and even completes the repairs to Hadrian's bike.

    The episode begins with Larry the Cucumber standing on the countertop with an easel. Tim Hodge appears on Qwerty's screen where he stands by an easel before a room of kids. Hodge hosts the show from here, either drawing the characters himself or cutting to one of the other artists who do the sketching. In the first story which takes place in BC Egypt, Miriam Laura Carrot wonders why people in the Egyptian village refuse to acknowledge that her new baby brother Moses is a boy.

    She is forced to look after the baby because her parents and elder brother Aaron are working in the brickyards. She finds babysitting tougher than she thought and complains about her plight. But when Aaron is almost run down by a chariot, she learns the value of family.

    After he is plucked out of the river by Pharaoh's daughter Miss Achmetha , Miriam offers to have her family care for the new prince. However, he is terrible at jousting and enrolls in "Ye Old Knight School" for training. When he fails a jousting test, he receives a disapproving look from the arrogant "Otis The Elevated" Mr. Petunia is a Rhubarbarian who has been exiled from her own land and has taken refuge with her poor mother-in-law, Nona Madame Blueberry who is Duke's cousin. Duke is smitten with the exiled princess, despite her being a foreigner who is hated by the people of Scone, due to her relatives fighting against them in the Great Pie War.

    Nona reveals the history of the family to Duke, how Petunia was the wife of the prince of Scone, how Duke is related to both Petunia and Otis, and how Otis precipitated the Great Pie War after refusing to take care of his family. Nona then gives Duke half of a key to the vault of the family castle and says that Otis was given the other half of it. In order to have the key made whole and Petunia restored, Duke must challenge Otis to a joust. The next day the joust is set up and the audience arrives to watch. The contest involves multiple challenges, among them an obstacle course and a riddle from the Abbott of Costello Scallion 1.

    The obstacle course is won by Otis and Duke solves the riddle. With the contest tied, Duke and Otis are required to joust each other using pies to determine the winner. Otis has superior skill, but when the crowd hears Otis' boasting of his selfishness and ruthlessness, the audience starts cheering for Duke which helps him find the motivation he needs to succeed. In the end, Duke marries Petunia and they live happily ever after. In the first story, Junior Asparagus is discouraged when a big bully named Gourdon claims the playground as his own and threatens to pound anyone who trespasses.

    john howard reid: 61 Books available | uxydafocyqug.tk

    Back in his tree house, Junior starts daydreaming about being very heroic with Gourdon always being the antagonist of his dreams. When he declares that he is not afraid, his dad comes and gives him advice on how to overcome his fears. Later, the kids return to the playground. Gourdon appears and threatens to pound Junior every day.

    But soon, the other kids gain courage to stand up to Gourdon as well; Gourdon leaves and everyone cheers. However, after a chain of events, his archenemy, Professor Rattan Mr. Lunt , ends up swiping the Golden Carrot Nose and saying, "Finders keepers! Then, a Parkman from New York City Scallion 1 arrives to inform Minnesota about a plot to steal Samson's the Peach hairbrush, which is believed to possess the great powers of Samson.

    Apparently, Canadians want to use the power of the hairbrush to take over both halves of Niagara Falls. Assuming that Samson's strength came from his long hair, Minnesota decides he wants to use the power of the brush to get revenge on Rattan. Martin tries to tell him that the trip won't be about getting even with Rattan but Cuke rejects Martin's idea in favor of his own. The first stop in his search, is an ice cream shop in Malta. He seeks advice from an old friend, a former archaeologist named Julia Petunia Rhubarb.

    She gives him an address where he can find out more. Shortly after he leaves, Rattan arrives seeking the same information. When Julia refuses, Rattan sets the freezer to melt causing strawberry ice cream to flood the entire shop. Minnesota returns to save Julia, and she informs Minnesota they need to go to Seville. In the Barbershop of Seville, they are welcomed by barbers Figaro and Leo, who tell Minnesota of the Catacombs where the hairbrush is secluded. They offer him a map, which Rattan immediately steals.

    However, they also inform Minnesota of a shortcut to the Catacombs. Minnesota finds the hairbrush, but is confronted by Rattan who thinks that the reason the brush doesn't work for Cuke is because he has no hair , and the Parkman who was working for Rattan the entire time who have captured Julia. Minnesota offers him the brush for Julia's freedom. Martin calls and claims that the brush has no power, and that Samson's power came from God rather than the artifact.

    Minnesota and Julia escape the Catacombs but again run into Rattan and the Parkman.