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On le sait. Personne ne remboursera sa dette. Les investisseurs feront la gueule, et alors? Notre construction supranationale va survivre. Tout va bien se passer. Il est,au contraire,droit devant,dedans. Les experts allemands peuvent-ils seulement le savoir? Finalement, toutes ses distorsions sont de fait des protectionnismes qui ne disent pas leur nom. Vous ne connaissez pas ce dont vous parlez. Pouvez vous me citer les normes environnementales en vigueur en Chine, par example dans les villes de HongKong ou Shanghai? Ou bien en Pologne?

Vous parlez de quelle bible? Idem pour les USA. Dans votre liste de parce que vous pouvez remplacer France et Allemagne par Glarus et Valais Connecticut et Nevada Corse et Pays de Loire et tout vos conclusions resteraient valables. Je ne vois pas de quoi vous parlez.

Et alors? Quel est le rapport? Nous atteignons les limites. Elle a sa propre monnaie et ses douanes. Maklheureusement, son bilan est maintenant surdimensionne. La BCE ne peut pas dionner une garantie illimitee. Ce faisant, la BCE entend faire pression sur le gouvernement grec auquel il incombe de recapitaliser les banques qui en ont besoin. La BCE semble prise entre deux feux.

Absolument pas. Le mythe de la planche a billet a une limite fondamentale: la taille du bilan et la capacite des la banque centrale de financer les avances. Les prix ont encore baisse depuis ce weekend, et les plus basses en terme de prix sont celles a 30 ans qui etaient ce matin offerte a Risque bien sur. Votre opinion? Que font les voisins? Tout est en ordre maintenant! N-Y : Ah! Je vous le mets sous ma signature. Effectivement des questions tres importantes, mais je me permets de vous faire constater que tout le monde parle de la Grece, mais tres peu parlent des grecs eux-memes.

Quelle opinion avez vous des grecs? Il en va de sa fierte!! Vous me direz, la moitier de pas grand chose, cela ne va pas chercher bien loin non plus… Mais le Grec est fier et entends bien, par tout les moyens, remplir son frigo pour que ses gamins puissent manger quelque chose. Vous discutez avec un mur. Je suis optimiste. Pour qui roulez-vous? Je ne roule pour personne. Il vous remercie bien fort. On commence a avoir faim en Grece…. Humanity's demands exceed our planet's capacity to sustain us. That is, we ask for more than what we have. In May of , SustainAbility launched a new research program entitled Rate the Raters in which we are working to better understand the universe of corporate sustainability ratings and to influence and improve the quality The financial sector has gone through tough times recently, after it became clear that banks had been taking irresponsible financial risks.

This has not only Les politiques This inter-disciplinary, peer-reviewed Recent legislation, government debate, international summits, questions about scientific practice and media attention have ensured that climate change remains firmly on the mainstream agenda. Does any of this, however, make carbon a significant issue for business? Clearly firms are faced with a multitude of competing Transnational corporations TNCs play an ever more important role in sustainable development as conduits of capital, technology, and management know-how. Increasingly, TNCs are being called A strong consensus has emerged that increased levels of financial inclusion — through the extension of credit and provision of bank accounts, savings schemes and insurance products — have the potential to reduce global poverty and nurture This paper proposes a method for identifying key performance indicators on the sustainability—or social and environmental—impacts of US corporations in Development means the building of societies in which people are able to enjoy security, good health, decent housing, clean water and modern power supplies.

It depends on people having the European pharmaceutical companies outcompete their U. This is the third annual report considering the actions taken on climate change by signatories to the Investor Statement on Climate Change. The ED is the result of a 2 year process which While public attention is focused on widespread environmental and financial damage from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a new Ceres report released today shows Food scarcity is set to define food production in the coming decades, putting food security issues at the top of the global agenda.

The demand for food is growing, due in particular to two factors: population and income growth. However, supply growth is likely to lag, because of, for Private equity cleantech remains a booming sector on a global scale, with numerous investment opportunities arising from a worldwide desire to address the impacts of human activity on the environment.

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Between and , Impact Investment, often referred to using other terms such as social investment or sustainable The race is on to establish a low-carbon sustainable global economy and the competition is fierce. Ceres has released the 21st Century Corporation: The Ceres Roadmap to Sustainability as a vision and practical roadmap for integrating sustainability Are you a financier of the forestry industry? Are you aware of key environmental and social risks and issues posed by your clients?

Forest degradation is one of the most pressing environmental issues we face. It impacts the planets biodiversity and water resources, and is a significant contributor to climate change Biofuels production, driven by the potential to contribute to energy security, climate change mitigation and rural development, has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

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Several countries have initiated policies to support biofuel development, production and use in the transportation Over the past three years, we have met with many of you and benefited from your insights while drawing inspiration from your work. We are now planning to send updates about our initiative If you believe that companies that are strongly committed to socially and environmentally sound practices will outperform their peers in the long run, then you would expect so-called socially responsible investment SRI funds to deliver superior returns to investors.

Sure, some years the A review of socially responsible mutual funds from 22 members of the Social Investment Forum SIF finds that the vast majority of the funds -- 65 percent -- outperformed their benchmarks in calendar year , most by significant margins. The aim of executive remuneration is to incentivise and reward appropriate performance, risk The financial crisis has made clear how non-sustainable economic activity could destroy values.

With investor protection as its primary target, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission SEC is currently discussing the implementation of mandatory disclosure requirements for companies regarding Sustainable What is next for philanthropy after the great downturn? This edition of Viewpoint looks at what lies ahead over the medium term, and argues that after the recent downward adjustment of financial resources, social investment has become even more attractive.

The ideas presented here have There is a strong scientific consensus that global climate change is underway, with rising greenhouse gas GHG emissions caused by human activity being a major The 15th UN Climate Conference concluded late last month with the ambiguous adoption, or noting, of a Copenhagen Accord.

L'histoire d'une Castastrophe : Tchernobyl

This political document was delivered at the end of two weeks of tense and often confusing negotiations. Its exact legal status and hence its implications - remain the It focuses on breaches of core labour standards in New empirical measures of their behavior as consumers and their aggregate The MFI Benchmarks covers financial and performance data from nearly microfinance institutions MFIs throughout the developing world. The benchmarks are median Eurosif has just published a ground-breaking report on Investment Consultants and Responsible Investment.

The demand for investment consultants to take into account ESG issues is driven by a Academic research continues to support the hypothesis that specific environmental, social and corporate governance ESG factors can make a positive contribution to investment performance.

This report summarizes and comments Despite early success and momentum, the weakness of market mechanisms such as rating Because many facets of the global oil markets have not been sufficiently transparent, it is unclear how much of the oil-price rally that peaked in July can be put down to speculation. This uncertainty has led to concerns As we look out at the challenges facing the world and the limits of the current resources addressing them, we see impact investing playing a central role in bringing forward real solutions.

We believe impact investing can create social good at scale Green shoe definition Also called an overallotment option in which the company issuing securities agrees to offer an additional 10 percent or 15 percent to accommodate strong demand. Excerpt from www.

This month, Focus considers investment strategies and the demand for investments that promise not A new trend is emerging in evaluation: The development of innovative systems that enable hundreds or thousands of nonprofit organizations to measure their performance on common indicators and shared evaluation platforms.

Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement and Social Impact, released by Managing biodiversity and ecosystem services risk in companies with an agricultural supply chain. This loss has important implications for the long-term This Eurosif sector report has been compiled using research by CA Cheuvreux. It describes the major environmental, social and governance ESG challenges facing the European banking industry and the associated risks and opportunities these pose for long-term returns. This guide describes some of the unique characteristics of private equity investments and provides suggestions on how the PRI Principles could be applied to the asset class.

In February , the President of the French Republic, Nicholas Sarkozy, unsatisfied with the present state of statistical information about the economy and the society, asked, Joseph As a nation and as members of the global community, we reject the proposition that it is acceptable to pursue economic gain through the forced labor of other human beings or the exploitation We believe a healthy society requires healthy and responsible companies that effectively pursue long-term goals. Yet in recent years, boards, managers, Who could be further apart than the manager of a microfinance institution in a developing country, and the manager of a pension fund in Europe?

While the first The single most effective document for promoting the integration of environmental, social and A powerful group of asset managers, representing around USD 2 trillion in assets under management, are arguing that integrating environmental, social and SAM, the investment boutique focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing, today released a White Paper answering the questions whether financial performance can be enhanced by investing in sustainable companies.

The results of this new research into the correlation between corporate sustainability and financial Wealthy givers will become an invaluable source of It is often argued that the world is changing and that the impact of Environmental, Social and Governance ESG issues could pose a significant risk or potential opportunity for pension Tony Blair will today call for immediate action on energy efficiency and a definitive commitment to develop the next generation of the technological revolution needed to get the world started down the low-carbon path.

Though climate change and human rights are important corporate responsibility issues on their own terms, they are increasingly interrelated. As our global climate destabilizes, there will be an increase in water stress, food scarcity, the prevalence and intensity of diseases, and the loss of homelands and jobs around The Allianz Group has been active in the microinsurance industry since , when the South-East Asian tsunami devastated communities and left many families homeless. The company realized that the risks faced by the poor are much the same as those The UNEP Finance Initiative1 is a unique global partnership between the United Nations Environment Programme and over financial institutions from the banking, investment and insurance sectors across the globe.

The Initiative aims to promote linkages between the environment, sustainability and financial performance A government Commission was appointed by Royal Decree on 27 June with the following mandate: The Commission shall examine the role of secrecy jurisdictions in relation to capital flight from developing countries.

Europe, along with the rest of the world, finds itself at a critical confluence of climate crisis and economic crisis.

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The purpose of this toolkit is to provide guidance for interested investors and property fund and asset managers on how to commit to Responsible Property Investors have a responsibility to society to consider the social and environmental implications of their investment decisions. By using social and environmental criteria to select holdings, IBM recently completed its second annual survey of senior executives from around the world about the importance of green and sustainability issues to their corporate strategies, and the results are encouraging in some respects.

But they also indicate how far businesses still need to go to be truly sustainable. Once-in-a-life time opportunity has come to sustainable banking. The credit crunch and collapse of the structured products market have turned much accepted financial wisdom on its head. The world has gained a new appreciation for long-term risk, and regulators around the globe seek to impose new standards on The recent financial crisis exposed the risks that all investors, including trusts and foundations are exposed to.

Any investor with a stake in the financial market has a stake in ensuring Harnessing Capital Markets to Drive Development at Scale Impact investing is emerging at a time when financial markets worldwide are in turmoil. While industry participants can do little in the short term to address the Dans une population d? Japan is in a depression. China is headed for zero growth. Some still hope that urgent surgery can restore the status quo. But more feel that we are at one of those rare points of inflection when nothing is the same again.

But if one About nine months ago, at our branch office in Strasslach, Kleindingharting near, Munich, we first The report shows that, due to the financial crisis, the strong growth trend experienced by What is the role of commercialization, commercial capital and commercial investors in delivering What is the role of commercialization, commercial capital and commercial investors in delivering microfinance to poor people?

Is it ethical to make money out of the poor? These were the central questions of a Over the past two decades, institutions that make microloans to low-income borrowers in developing and transition economies have focused increasingly on making their lending operations In particular, it focuses on social investors — those for whom environmental, social and governance ESG factors are integral to their investment The Who Cares Wins report details the progress that has been made to increase the volume of capital that uses environmental, social and governance ESG analysis as a key part of investment decisions.

It also provides How many people are using banking services in poor countries? What financial services are used? And how could access to banking services be expanded to include more people? Banking the Poor explores these questions, through responses to questions in This survey was carried out in , when high and volatile oil prices, steadily rising demand for energy, and global imperatives, such as climate change, created significant renewed attention to energy efficiency — both in the policy and commercial world.

The report explores a near-term industry outlook characterized by an expanded scope for regulatory oversight, back to basics in the banking sector, some restructuring by alternative investment The overall objective of this project is to assess the potential for investors to contribute to poverty alleviation through their investment activities. The project also aims to raise investor awareness of the Innovest Strategic Value Advisors is very pleased to announce the publication of Dr. Eurosif European Sustainable Investment Forum publishes today a report highlighting critical environmental, social and governance ESG issues currently facing water-dependent industries The entries submitted provided a vivid and powerful report on how the financial crisis is impacting microfinance Corporate citizenship is becoming increasingly important to business sustainability.

It provides benefits that are both tangible—such as reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency—and intangible—such as improved employee productivity. Microfinance has already reached millions of households worldwide. This practice of extending small loans to very poor people for self-employment projects does not limit itself to third world countries, but can also be found increasingly in European countries.

Too often lending to the This report explores the key environmental, social and governance ESG risks and opportunities identified by the UN Global Compact of human rights, labour standards in the supply chain, Microfinance foreign exchange risk management capacity is evolving rapidly; this is leading to increased cross-border local currency financing.

The first section of this paper This section of the report presents a review of twenty academic research papers that examine the link between ESG factors and investment performance. The studies were selected on the basis that they met one or all of the following criteria: They have been published in peer-reviewed The Briefing discusses some of the key questions faced by companies such as the Socially responsible investors choose not to invest in companies whose behavior they judge to be at odds with the social good as they perceive it.

The market for sustainable investments in Switzerland continued its strong growth in according to research by onValues. It is becoming an issue of global policy that the benefits provided by biodiversity are valued and accounted for within traditional business risk frameworks. This report, developed A new movement is afoot that promises to save the world by revolutionizing philanthropy, making non-profit organizations operate like business, and creating new markets for goods and services that benefit society.

Whether virtue investing yields abnormal positive stock returns, has been under scrutiny for years. Academic findings on socially responsible investing SRI reveal heterogeneous results for the performance of SRI indices. However, recent research indicates an outperformance of sin stocks. Can investors then better The Principles for Responsible Investment UNEP FI and Global Reporting Initiative have co-convened two international multi-stakeholder working groups between and in order to develop finance sector specific guidance for sustainability reporting.

This report is the result of an internatonal workshop of experts in small and medium enterprise SME financing and sustainability from public, private and philanthropic investment The benefits of microfinance are evidenced by millions of microentrepeneurs around the world who are able to invest in their businesses and mulitply their The briefing analyzes the most recent studies on the economics and cost of climate change, and the investment required for mitigation and adaptation. It highlights the crucial role played by the finance sector due to its influence in directing investment and financial flows, and reviews what leading financial This CEO Briefing provides a primer for institutions that wish to manage biodiversity and ecosystem The collection of case studies presented in the Briefing identifies and highlights emerging opportunities that While climate change may be the single biggest environmental challenge of the coming decades, its effects on business will mostly manifest themselves via water: circumstances of too little, too much or inadequate timing and quality of supply will expose businesses to considerable financial stress.

And yet, despite its This report provides an overview of the extent to which companies are addressing their environmental,social and governance ESG impacts. The companies examined This paper is based primarily on a survey of CEOs of companies partiipating in the UN Global Comapct,which was followed by in-depth interviews with CEOs and top executives of some of these companies.

Today, the CEOs of the Responsible investment matters because we are talking about where people's savings meets society's goals. By July assets approaching USD 10 trillion, owned or managed by more than major investment organizations from 25 countries, had committed to the Principles for Responsible Investment. In the future this This report examines the premise that the informed consent of a community affected by development projects,either public or private, makes good business sense.

It argues that the risks created by not obtaining community consent are significant and quantifiable, as are the benefits obtained with meaningful consultation Today, the insurance industry faces the great challenge of coping with a rapidly changing risk Mission investing — The practice of using financial investments as tools to achieve a Socially responsible investing SRI is thriving in the United States, growing at a faster pace than the broader universe of all investment assets under professional management.

Roughly 11 percent of assets under professional management in the U. A wide range of issues that five years ago were considered "non-financial" such as climate change, human rights and board remuneration are now coming to the fore as factors that can have a This publication addresses the question of why responsible investment has at best been modest in private banking compared to the surge it has experienced in The State of Responsible Investment in South Africa" is a survey of the approaches and perceptions of the South African investment community to environment, social and governance issues.

Sustainable development is fundamentally about raising the standard of living of the world's poor, without exhausting or eventually destroying the natural lifesupport system ecosystems,natural resources.

Backing Market Forces: How to Make Voluntary Standards Work for Financial Services Regulation.

Green and socially responsible financial products launched in the aftermath of the Bruntland report took great A unique global partnership of 14 leading institutional investors and other organizations, including UNEP FI, representing trillions in assets released the Global Framework for Climate Risk Disclosure to provide specific guidance to companies regarding the information they provide to investors on the financial risks This guide has examples of disclosure from leading corporations.

Although investment in emerging markets has traditionally been seen as risky, a review of the opportunities for responsible investment in emerging markets reveals possibilities for diversification and risk management for investors as well as wider potential gains for sustainability. Key findings from the report highlighting different areas of water-related risk financial institutions are exposed to according to the business segment with which they engage, from water-intensive sectors to those that have a water footprint along the supply chain.

The report also Venture philanthropy provides a blend of performance-based development finance and professional services to social purpose organisations SPOs 1 — helping them expand their social impact Today, nearly one out of every ten dollars under professional management in the United States is involved in socially responsible investing. Most investment today is conducted by a relatively small number of institutional investors - pension funds and investment managers - who manage the pensions and saving funds of millions of ordinary people. The manner in which these institutional investors invest and discharge their responsibilities as the owners of Socially Responsible Investment SRI is an area within the asset management field that means different things to different people; both veterans and newcomers alike will debate terminology and definitions in this field for many years to come.

A report highlighting different areas of water-related risk financial institutions are exposed to according to the business segment with which they engage, from water-intensive sectors to those that have a water footprint along the supply chain. The report also identifies appropriate measures financial institutions can Looking at future policy, financial institutions around the world are in need of a clear and long-term policy framework. Pension fund investments in the US and the UK A Guide to Giving aims to provide clear, practical and objective guidance for anyone who wants to donate money or time to good causes and would like to do so in an effective and tax-efficient way.

This handbook presents a framework for developing a programme of philanthropic activity and highlights key principles of No matter what your particular situation, our aim is to help you understand and rethink your assumptions about philanthropy and see the new possibilities that are available to you. Doing so The briefing pinpoints barriers to implementation and financing of CDM projects as seen from the financial sector perspective.

Recommendations on how these This paper presents the business case for financing renewable energy. It presents concrete examples and makes strong policy recommendations for further action. The analysts were requested to identify The study raises Conflict prevention is high on the list of global political priorities, but should it be a concern for firms in the financial sector? If conflict deters The 21st Century NGO represents the first phase in a new round of our work on the agenda driven by NGOs — and on the emerging strategic, accountability and governance agendas for NGOs themselves.

The report is partly an updating of work SustainAbility has been doing for more than a FR EN. Backing Market Forces: How To Make Voluntary Standards Markets Work For Financial Services Regulation This report is the outcome of a research project conducted between June and November which explored how voluntary standards markets might be applied to financial services regulation and sought to provide independent verification of their potential in the financial services sector. Comments are closed. Read Also from. News Financial dynamics of the environment: risks, impacts, and barriers to resilience.

News A practical guide to measuring and managing impact. News Social impact strategies for banks: venture philanthropy and social investment. News World Investment Report This edition of the World Investment Report provides valuable analysis that can inform global discussions on how to accelerate progress toward the Millennium Development Goals and shape a long-range vision for a more sustainable future beyond News The value of responsible investment.

The moral, financial and economic case for action. How UK institutional investors finance the global land grab. News Best practice guidance for policymakers and stock exchanges on sustainability reporting initiatives. News Forum Nachhaltigen Geldanlagen Ever-increasing numbers of private and institutional investors are choosing to invest their money sustainably. News Who made it into The Sustainability Yearbook ? News Transforming Finance. A Charter for a New Financial System. News Building long-term shareholder loyalty: The loyalty rewards project.

From theory to practice. News Les obligations environnementales et sociales, un instrument financier prometteur. News World Microfinance Forum Geneva study: European pension funds set to increase investment in microfinance Pension funds that have already invested or are about to invest in microfinance expect to maintain or increase current investment levels over the next three News The Impact of Sustainable and Responsible Investment The US SIF Foundation is pleased to share this paper that highlights the positive impact that sustainable and responsible investing has had on investors and the investment industry.

News Global Investor Survey on Climate Change This report presents the key findings from the annual survey and provides an overview of emerging best practices. News Your Socially Responsible Investment — Issue Especially in today's world, sustainability should be more than simply a slogan. News Why work-life balance matters for responsible investors The importance of work-life balance for individuals has been widely discussed since the s.

News Global Trends in renewable Energy Investment — Key findings The Bloomberg New Energy Finance Desktop collates all organisations, projects and investments according to transaction type, sector, geography and timing. News Unburnable Carbon : Wasted capital and stranded assets This report shows very clearly the gross inconsistency between current valuations of fossil fuel assets and the path governments have committed to take in order to manage the huge risks of climate change.

News Global Sustainable Investment Review The Alliance has marshaled analysis and data from seven regions across the globe. News Impact Asutralia — Investment for social and economic benefit This initiative focuses on harnessing investment to contribute to building strong communities and a prosperous society. News Environmental performance of Swiss banks — Shifting gears towards next generation banking Banks play a central role in society and for the environment by financing economic activities.

News BoardgGovernance depends on where you sit William George, former CEO of Medtronic and a veteran of ten corporate boards, reflects on common governance pitfalls and how to overcome them. News Mapping Sustainable Finance in Switzerland Switzerland occupies a leading place in the global ecosystem of sustainable finance activity. News The Most Controversial Companies of Over the past 12 months, RepRisk has detected news on thousands of companies across the globe in relation to their environmental, social and corporate governance ESG risks.

News Perspectives on Progress: The Impact Investor Survey In , impact investments continued to gain attention among investors and philanthropists alike as a means for innovative financial solutions to promote positive social and environmental change. News Development Co-operation Report The Development Co-operation Report is the key annual reference document for statistics and analysis on trends in international aid. News Eurosif — European SRI Study Over these years, the SRI industry has witnessed significant changes and our European Sustainable and Responsible Investment Study has constantly evolved to reflect these adjustments and stay current with the industry developments.

News A Portfolio Approach to Impact Investment This research presents a portfolio management tool to analyze impact investments across the three dimensions that determine the performance of these assets: impact, return and risk. News A brief handbook on social investment Now is the time to reinvent the way investment decisions are made.

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News WWF releases groundbreaking guide to commodities investing The Criteria: Guide to Responsible Investment in Agricultural, Forest, and Seafood Commodities [1] comes amid accelerating global interest, and controversy, around the financing of food and agricultural commodities. News Trust and Ethics in Finance: Innovative ideas from the Robin Cosgrove Prize The values that guide finance professionals and the core role played by trust in the modern finance industry have been the dominant themes of the best papers submitted for the Robin Cosgrove News From Blueprint to Scale Despite the crisis, shifting attitudes, new technologies and the promise shown by the microfinance revolution have led to new opportunities for market-based innovations to serve the global poor.

News From Preaching to Investing: Attitudes of Religious Organisations Towards Responsible Investment Religious organisations are major investors with sometimes substantial investment volumes. News Sustainable Capitalism The challenges facing the planet today are unprecedented and extraordinary; climate change, water scarcity, poverty, disease, growing inequality of income and wealth, demographic shifts, trans-border and internal migration, urbanisation and a global economy in a state of constant dramatic volatility and flux, to name News Pay it Forward: The Cumulative Benefits of Philanthropy The economics discipline has previously tried to explain the phenomenon of charitable giving by a News Swiss Finance Institute: Focus on Corporate Governance With stock markets plunging worldwide and national governments trying to cope with their debt woes, it comes natural to ask oneself whether the lessons learned over the past four years will prevent the global economy from slipping back into trouble.

News Food Markets in Dutch: Dutch Banks and Pension Funds in Agricultural Derivatives Markets The effect on prices of increased financial investments in commodity derivatives markets especially those for staple foodshas been the subject of fierce debate since News The Impact of a Corporate Culture of Sustainability on Corporate Behavior and Performance We investigate the effect of a corporate culture of sustainability on multiple facets of corporate behavior and performance outcomes.

News Are investors really interested in CR data? News SRInvest — an international guide to corporate governance and financial reporting Welcome to the second publication in our new SRInvest series, which addresses the governance component of socially responsible investing1. News Investing for sustainable development? A review of investment principles — trends and impacts How can investors be encouraged to consider more than purely commercial and short-term gains?

News Sustainability leadership report — Measuring perception vs. News Dilemmas in Responsible Investment This book examines a number of the dilemmas and practical problems responsible investment practitioners face daily when implementing their decisions. News Quel avenir pour le capitalisme? News Activists call for a ban on financial investments in producers of cluster munitions Worldwide, private and public financial institutions continue to invest 39 billion USD in producers of cluster munitions, which like landmines, are banned under international law News Responsible Investing 2.

News The Indian Microfinance Crisis —Lessons for China This paper is part of a series of publications that seeks to deepen the discussion between News Responsible Investing reloaded There is an increasing amount of evidence that sustainability criteria such as Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance ESG factors are too important to be ignored when making investment decisions today. News Energy Efficiency: Theme Report — 6th in a series Energy efficiency is the accomplishment of or the ability to accomplish a task with a minimum expenditure of energy.

News The Jefferies CleanTech Survey Results Jefferies hosted its 11th Global Clean Technology Conference on February in New York, with more than public and private companies and attendees, including strategic and financial investors, high-level policymakers and industry thought-leaders in attendance. News Do ISS voting recommendations create shareholder value?

News Green Investing Reducing the Cost of Financing The clean energy space, like the rest of the world, has seen significant change since the release of the first Green Investing report more than two years ago. News Clean energy Progress Report Clean energy technologies are making clear progress globally, but fossil fuels continue to outpace them. News Sustainable investments in Switzerland reach all-time high according to onValues survey Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen Schweiz and onValues today published the results of the regular survey of the Swiss sustainable investment market per end of December , which includes News La philanthropie a-t-elle un genre?

News Implementing responsible property investment strategies Responsible Property Investment RPI calls for investors to take account of core environmental, News The Energy Report 2 years in preparation, The Energy Report is a provocative vision of a world run entirely on renewable energy by News Advancing adaptation through climate information services Current availability of and access to climate change information remains insufficient, both in format as well as quality.

News Global Risks The world is in no position to face major, new shocks. News Brave New World: Investors and Nanotechnology Nanotechnology has silently transformed product design and innovation in a number of sectors. News Microfinance Needs Regulation The volatile combination of profit-seeking microfinance companies, minimal competition, and vulnerable borrowers has opened up dangerous potential for exploiting the poor. News Impact Investments An emerging asset class Investments intended to create positive impact beyond financial return Impact investments are investments intended to create positive impact beyond financial return.

News Universal Ownership Why environmental externalities matter to institutional investors The PRI and UNEP FI commissioned Trucost to calculate the cost of global environmental damage and examine why this is important to the economy, capital markets, companies and institutional News Report on Socially Responsible Investing Trends in the United States Sustainable and socially responsible investing SRI in the United States has continued to grow at a faster pace than the broader universe of conventional investment assets under professional management.

News The Emissions Gap Report Nations have the chance to deliver almost 60 per cent of the emissions reductions needed to keep global temperatures under a 2 degrees Celsius rise. What microfinance institutions can learn from the large banks corporate governance debate. News Living Planet Report The Living Planet Report is the world's leading, science-based analysis on the health of our only planet and the impact of human activity. News Even though they face various ESG challenges, the extractives industries can adopt sustainability objectives when projects are diligently conducted Today Eurosif European Sustainable Investment Forum publishes their Extractives sector report, News Rate the Raters Phase Two Taking Inventory of the Ratings Universe In May of , SustainAbility launched a new research program entitled Rate the Raters in which we are working to better understand the universe of corporate sustainability ratings and to influence and improve the quality News Investing Responsibly: A Financial Puzzle — The Limited Scope of Sustainable Asset Management The financial sector has gone through tough times recently, after it became clear that banks had been taking irresponsible financial risks.