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Before I knew it and everyone else, Shamash had come to the end of his talk. The room applauded and I have to admit, it really was a talk worth applauding to!

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Shamash had proved how living in the moment and relaxing can ultimately make you a happier and more enthusiastic person. I loved it! There was a small amount of time for Shamash to answer questions before it was time for people to go and have the opportunity to speak to Shamash in person and buy his book.

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After the event we all went to a pub just around the corner and it was great to speak to a couple people who attended the event and hear what they thought. I also hope to collaborate with this guy and get him on board for further videos in the future, for the soon to be Attractive Lifestyle Channel. This event was filmed in full HD and will be available to watch and download free sometime soon in the near future. Would like to say a big thank you to Matt Kendall for inviting me along to this event and filming something that I know will make a huge difference to guys all over the world.

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The Attractive Lifestyle Helping every guy to build their own unique attractive lifestyle. Posts Comments. Search for:. They also confirmed what most people likely thought: the more attractive a guy was, the more likely a woman would want to have sex with him.

The Importance of Attractive Lifestyle To Improve Your Dating Success

Women first rated their own attractiveness and then providing five ratings for the photographs of 20 men. Participants were then asked questions such as:. Participants were told to indicate their answers based on a scale between 0 to Researchers found that age and nationality did not correlate to vastly different responses among the women.

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The most recent findings correlate to an earlier University of Guelph study that found women would be more willing to skip using a condom if they felt they deemed a new man to be boyfriend material. They weren't able to look at behavioural differences based on sexual orientation.

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The authors suggested that the risk factors they found should be touched upon and incorporated into sexual health education programs and condom-use campaigns. From sea to shining sea, there's a lot of variety when it comes to Canadian real estate. Listings websites often feature multimillion-dollar condos in cities like Vancouver and Toronto, but what's on the luxury market elsewhere?

How To Create An Attractive Lifestyle And Bring Women Into You Life

Women are less likely to care about condoms with attractive men: study A basket of condoms is displayed in New York, Wednesday, Jan. Related Stories Men and women agree on problems in their sex lives, Canadian study suggests. Give taxpayer-funded prophylactics to Canadian youth, doctors say. If you want something and someone different in your life, you would want to change who you are — and your lifestyle is the very foundation of that.

For example, if they love to travel and see new places, you would want to make that part of your lifestyle and learn how to genuinely enjoy travel as well.


What does your perfect day look like? What does your perfect week look like?

Women are less likely to care about condoms with attractive men: study | Lifestyle from CTV News

Let me know your thoughts:. The Perfect Life on Facebook?

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