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And this is something you can teach yourself; you can teach yourself to choose for yourself, what you like, what you want. And most of us have blindly conformed to so much. We were blind to them when we made them and we are still blind to them.

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So in resisting this we first have to wake up and notice the forces and influences for conformity. They are everywhere. They pervasively intrude into every aspect of our lives. Nor are they bad per se, they are often good. Yet being unconscious of them puts us in a position of passivity rather than that of active choice. It means that our life script was written by others. The inner voices of your biological impulses are not loud voices.

In fact, they are very quiet and soft— very soft. You have to take the time and effort to quiet yourself in order to hear that inner voice. Maslow said that discovering your real nature is simultaneously both an ought and an is quest. What is this ought—is distinction? How are we to understand it? What ought I to do? What ought I to be? How should I solve this conflict situation? Should I pursue this career or that one?

Which of these books will you read first?

Should I get divorced or not? Should I live or die? Ought and is speaks about the requiredness of life. What is leads to and builds up the oughts in our lives. In fact, the freedom from the superficial, unconscious, and imposed necessities allows us to welcome the true necessities. Again, Maslow:. The more he knows about his own nature, his deep wishes, his temperament, his constitution, what he seeks and yearns for and what really satisfies him, the more effortless, automatic, and epiphenomenal become his value choices.

When you think about doing something new, creative, out-of-the-ordinary, where do your thoughts go? When you think about having the right or getting the authority to do something, what comes to your mind? How do you represent the idea of authority? If you were to point to it, where is it? If your thoughts go outside of yourself to an authority figure—to a parent, spouse, boss, ex-partner, or to statistics, books, etc. Somewhere in front of you, above you, behind you, inside you, or where? When you have a sense of where it is, reach out and grab it and then slowly bring it into yourself.

Now, where to you want to put your own sense of personal authority? In your heart, stomach, head, or where? How well does it settle there within you? Do you have permission to be the authority of your own life? If not, then give yourself permission repeatedly, integrating any objections that might arise as you create a permission that is resourceful and that fits for you.

Finding and becoming your real self is a lifelong adventure. Being real and being your real self is not a given and does not occur easily or quickly. May the adventure of becoming and unleashing your real self be more exciting and rewarding with every day! Michael Hall, Ph. Abraham Maslow earned his Ph. Meta-Programs is a model and domain of NLP. This is where a strong leader will begin to determine where an employee is most and least predictable in how they react to a problem. A great leader keeps close tabs on how much each employee is able to handle.

They measure their performance tolerance threshold by identifying how well they manage adversity, how they operate under pressure, their willingness to accept new challenges and their overall mental toughness. Enabling their full potential means working on the areas that require further attention and development — so that they will be able to rise to any occasion on their own. With the right guidance from leadership — encouraging employees to take risks, test their ideas and ideals, and challenge the status quo in an effort to make things better — potential is something that will develop organically over time.

A great leader knows that enabling potential without a supporting cast that can keep everything in perspective is a zero-sum game. Potential needs to be challenged and surrounding it with other high-potential people can only make it stronger. In the process, employees become wiser and develop a mindset that is not afraid to take chances and experience the lessons of failure.

Top 10 Books To Help You Reach Your Full Potential

This is what happens when you are part of a high-performance team. Everyone in the organization has the potential to become a top-notch performer. The key to success is strengthening a strong foundation of talent by surrounding it with more experienced and knowledgeable people.

Potential leaders must understand how the game is played so that they can manage their agenda s, develop maturity and project executive presence. No matter how much potential an employee has, it can remain dormant if not managed rightly and properly nourished with the right ingredients. On this path, there is never a danger of going the wrong way or hitting a dead end, because, rather than trying to fix, correct, or fill in something that is missing, the Law of Emergence holds that, when you cultivate your inner conditions, your next evolutionary stage will unfold organically. And because your next stage is already within you, it will arrive whole, bringing with it everything needed for the fulfillment of your true self.

Unleash Your Potential: Beyond Just Motivation by Abegunde Sunday O.

As larger paradigms are discovered, previous ideas are often folded into them. Likewise, the Law of Emergence contains the principles of planning, action, attraction, self-awareness, spiritual connection, and all the other elements necessary to creating the life you deeply desire. As a byproduct, the universal laws will continue to operate to draw to you—or, more accurately, from you—everything you need to achieve your true potential. Just as a tree may need additional support to hold it upright while it grows through certain stages, so do we. Every stage of our development serves a purpose in getting us to the next level.

Babies crawl before they walk, cry before they talk, and play with blocks before constructing a building. The key is to not become attached to or overly identified with any practice or condition. Just keep ascending higher. A growth spurt, if you will. Emergence works whether or not you know how or why, but having this foundation tends to make it work better, faster, and more consistently.

There may be times when you become confused or frustrated with the ideas being presented.

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Take heart. It means that a new, higher idea is trying to emerge through old conditioned thinking. I invite you to use this as an opportunity to dig your roots deeper into your true self through journaling and further contemplation. Often, this results in breakthrough insights, life-changing paradigm shifts, and new ways of seeing and being in the world.

Let the seeds of these ideas fall upon the fertile soil of your soul, water them with your willingness to grow, and keep plowing forward. This is a path of revelation; you will be revealed to yourself. So what happened to Bonnie? The thing she thought she needed—improving her business—did not happen.

Instead, she got a job that paid the bills, which gave her enough relief to get back in touch with one of her true loves—music. We are born blank slates, empty shells, and must make something of ourselves—internally and externally. Whether or not you consciously buy into that B. Meeting our expanding needs is a necessary and even noble goal, but if the underlying beliefs and value systems guiding it are in opposition to the fundamental harmony of the universe, it will ultimately result in more suffering and limitation, and a disconnect from our true selves.

So, what does the acorn principle have to do with this? For one, it reveals how to harness the power of the universe rather than oppose it. By understanding this aspect of Mother Nature, you will discover a vital clue to your own nature and how you were designed to grow.

The identification of this principle, along with other correlations in interdisciplinary studies, led some scientists and philosophers, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Albert Einstein, to the conclusion that the same processes which occur in nature—and their underlying principles—can be found in other areas of life. For many natural laws, there is often a parallel moral, scientific, and spiritual law that mirrors it. For example, the positive and negative charge required to conduct an electric current can be correlated to the masculine and feminine energy that must come together to create new life; the masculine and feminine is correlated to the left and right hemispheres of the brain and its functions; and the concept of yin-yang in Chinese philosophy, medicine, and science reflects a multitude of contradictory yet also interdependent dualities found in nature—fire and water, light and dark, the sun and the moon.

In the context of Emergence, however, the acorn analogy is taken to the next level: Locked up in the seed of your soul is not just an image, calling, or pattern of potential—it is the fully realized True Self, formed in the invisible dimension of your being. And, while it makes use of the raw materials of your life to take shape, it is not dependent on anything outside of you for its existence, as it already possesses the power and substance to manifest whatever it needs.

Why do two children growing up in the same home with largely the same experiences go on to pursue such different professions as a priest and a plumber, or a cop and a crook? Can the nurture argument really explain that? Can it explain the true self of a Da Vinci, whose parents had nothing to do with the arts, or a Mozart, who became a master pianist and violinist at age four and created his first symphony at age five? Hillman even suggests—and I agree—that many seemingly aberrant behaviors of children and some adults are actually evidence of inner conflict between the seed of their calling and their undeveloped conscious mind.

How many masterpieces, inventions, and innovations are we repressing with our societal pressure to conform to certain norms of being good boys and girls? Maybe you even repressed them out of fear, confusion, or a desire to fit in, be loved and accepted , or not rock the boat. As a kid, I had a strong desire to create, whether pinging out the boogie-woogie on our baby grand piano, shooting sci-fi movies on my Sears super-8 reflex camera, or lying under my covers with a flashlight, filling a sketchpad with utopian worlds.

Likewise, you have a unique chance to revisit the aspects of your character that have been present since childhood and discover your true spiritual self. The signs of your true Self were there from the beginning.

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The truth—as the great spiritual masters have taught—is that all of life is conspiring for our awakening and fulfillment. Just as there are certain plants that require rough soil to activate chemicals that make them heartier and better able to thrive in their environment, the challenges I faced created the perfect conditions for my growth, compelling me to push my roots deeper and strengthen my inner structures. Like certain seeds that need a forest fire to germinate, those early childhood experiences sparked a fire within me that cracked open the seed of my potential and allowed it to grow.

What I can now see is that all of these powerful promptings were my acorn or true Self guiding and directing me, creating opportunities for me to cultivate the inner and outer conditions necessary for its emergence. The same process is true for you. Your soul is your soil, and if you generate the right inner conditions—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—your seed will have the right nutrients to thrive.

No matter how thick the clouds may be outside or how dark the night, the light is always shining within, ready to illuminate the seed of your true Self and nourish its growth.

Unleash Your Potential: Beyond Just Motivation

In other words, we keep trying to understand God in human, material terms, like some anthropomorphic being sitting on a cloud. But this is an overly literal interpretation of ancient teachings. This divine inheritance includes our ability to decide what we focus our awareness on i. We have been born under a case of mistaken identity. And almost everything we see, hear, and experience—almost everything produced by society—keeps us in the dark about who and what we truly are.

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