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It only seems like mundane things, but these things often have bigger ethics and morals behind them. It seems as if your husband is very supportive. He helps with the kids and is mindful of how you are feeling. So it is a lack of his presence and support that leaves you feeling like this, which is understandable.

Maybe you feel you can't cope with it all on your own, or maybe you just feel lonely. Whatever the cause, you would feel better if something changed. Perhaps it might help to read up on parenting websites. There may be different strategies and tactics you can use to make the morning prep work for you. You can make a reward type game, or just find different ways to approach things or direct the kids differently.

Psychology and reverse psychology etc. Give the older kids some responsibility with the younger ones. Make sure you find some time for you. It is healthy to have something to look forward to just for yourself. You mention studying, but this can be a double-edged sword. I hope you enjoy it, then it can be beneficial in many ways. If it puts too much stress on you, it can ,'break the camels back', then perhaps that time would be better spent on something that is purely enjoyable.

Hopefully you feel better for getting it out, and maybe will find something to help you feel better. There is always support here on the forums. Viahanne your not out on your own where you are. Plus look after her with her disability. So I realise what you are going through.

Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Sticky!

Its not easy trying to tell the kids they can manage some of the stuff themselves. Especially when your partner has no reference to go by oon what is expected of them or the children. You are doing a fantastic job with the children, keep it up. In time it will get easier, not right now but it will in time. Sorry you feel this way. You sound exactly like me so you are definitely not alone and no different to the rest of us so don't be too hard on yourself I think the others have summed up exactly what i was going to say but i wanted to add that i agree with the hormone imbalance.

My hormones were way out of wack, my estrogen levels were very high.

Activities to Teach Kids About Emotions

Another thing to look at is your iron and vitamin d and B levels. Magnesium is also good for stress. A trip to the DR would be the way to go. A good chat to your gp and a simple blood test is all you need.

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I'm so glad you have a supportive husband who is committed to helping you. Perhaps your are also experiencing some grief- it can often manifest itself in bodies, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed etc. I am sure talking to your Dr will help point you in the right direction. Thanks baby steps! So good to know.. Not that you experienced it but to know that I'm not the only one! I will defiantly talk to my doctor about getting tested for my hormones.. I'm feeling much better this afternoon.. But I know I still need to seek advice from my doctor. I'm feeling exhausted from all he crying I did this morning :, I'm determined to get my head in the right space and I think this was a great place to start where people could understand and relate to me so thank you all for the chat.

Greatly appreciated!

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  • Activities to Teach Kids About Emotions.

This, was in the 's. Your 2 year old needs to be taught his position in the "pecking order". You're doing no favour to him by attending his 2 yr old needs as if they are reasonable. Cuddle when it's convenient to YOU. On his own, your husband would be even let capable-- so feel good about that. Not sure on your daughter, not enough detail. All I can say is that I had a son 5 yrs older than his sister.

He was fine, she is a gypsy. My 10 year old is my daughter who is a mother hen. She does help me a fair bit when it comes to house work and the boys. But she too can daydream in the mornings. I don't know if I'm a bit too hard on her sometimes because of my frustration and emotions that I can't seem to get control of. My prep 5 year old is my middle boy who is truly a dads boy.

I have spoken to my husband as well as my mother in law about how I like things done. When hubby is away I have no problem sending him to bed on his own but when dad is in he knows dad will give in. I think hubby thinks he's helping me by just getting everything done for the 5 year old so there's no yelling. I don't think he sees how much harder it makes it for me.. I will have a better talk to him when he gets back.

As for my 2 year old. I understand what you're saying about cuddling when its convenient for me but I am struggling with following through with it. When all I hear are kids arguing, trying to get dinner on with a screaming two year old I do get flustered so I am finding it a little easier said than done.

In the moment of it all its overwhelming and I don't know how else to stop it. I remember looking after my sisters kids when they were little. They made a mess with their toys everywhere. It come time to pack up. And I said now it's time to play a game called "Pack up", it's where you put toys back into toy box". They packed their toys up straight away when I was looking after them.

My cousin said your lucky, I wish my mum would say NO to me just once, so I knew she loved me.

Dealing with Big Feelings - Teaching Kids How to Self-Regulate -

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Cancel The title field is required! I usually wait a good bit after calling our red light; I want to build their anticipation and give them a chance to work on that self-control. Mercer Mayer and his Little Critters were favorites of mine as a preschooler, and they are still relevant thirty-five years later.

You will need:

Kids love these characters, and the magic is in how the emotions really jump off the page with simple text perfect for young preschoolers. Cut out and laminate. Shuffle the card and start slow giving the children a chance to look and shout out their answer. Then start speeding up. Feel free to go through the faces a few times as you get faster and faster. The Pigeon is well known for his temper tantrums that preschoolers think are hilarious, but this book includes more emotions.

Familiar book characters can be a great way of getting kids engaged in talking about emotions. Pop the photos in a basket or bag and pull one out at a time. Ask the children how the child feels. They can yell it out or mimic the feeling as their answer. This is a GREAT activity with very young groups, and you can keep it going for a long time if they are into it and cut it short if they are wiggly. Also, it makes a great activity put out at free choice for the children to explore on their own.

What I love about this book is that it talks about how we all feel different emotions sometimes. But, sometimes we are mad or sad or silly! The bright colors capture your audience as well. Prep: Print out these printable pictures click to print , cut out and laminate. Ask the children to make the face to tell you how they would feel if this happened to them. I will usually mention one or two children with each picture. If you had to hug your mom goodbye, you would feel very sad. Make sure you use the cards or something else concrete for this activity because young children are still developing their ability to think hypothetically.

They need that real object to put themselves into the situation. I am not sure if I need to mention this, but please remember only to use photos that will prompt discussion not elicit a huge emotional response. If you have students with separation anxiety skip the photo with a child saying goodbye until they are done with that stage. I read this book most often when talking about emotions with students. It is so comprehensive, and the rhyming text makes it a fun read aloud too. It is a longer book so I will pick emotions to read one time and then switch it up for another reason with very young preschoolers.

While I read this book, I try to match my body to the emotions as well as my face. When I sing this, I over exaggerate my faces. And I encourage the children to make the faces along with the body language. Mad — cross your arms. Frustrated — stomp your feet. Excited — jump up and down. Sad — make a frown Scared — hide your face. Do you have any other suggestions on books about feelings that would go well with this circle time lesson? Stop over on Facebook and let me know! If you like this circle time activity, you will love the ideas and circle time lessons I share in Little School my eBook of preschool activities.

Allison, these are perfect books!!!! We LOved Meyers book suggested so much we bought the App too! It helped a lot to for my daughter to name feelings.

I will have to get the farm animal one and the way I feel to give them a try. These are great ideas for teaching emotions! Thank you for listing the books as well, I am always looking for good books to go with our themes. These printables are great and I love that they are multicultural, which can be hard to find.