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With seven shots separating him and Poom heading into the final 18 holes, Panuphol is aware of the challenges ahead and is determined to surmount a late charge. Travel log lifestyle tasty sleep Art shopping event. Ex-Gunner joins Thai champions. Head to the northern docks to speak with Dyle in search of the key and then return to the Inn and check near the fireplace to find the Key to Kamoana's Treasure. The last thing to do in Meirchio is complete Velvet's sidequest: If you've already raised your cooking to level 10 and watched the skit "What Celica Taught Her", mentioned previously, you'll now need to raise her cooking to level Inside the tavern, speak with Tabatha twice for an update on the tavern's operations and a new challenge for Rokurou and then check with Valta and the Loegres promoter near the city entrance to progress her sidequest.

Teleport to Stonebury and head to the southern exit in Aldina Plains to reach Zamahl Grotto and then head south for a scene. The Weighty Witch might be a sidequest boss, but it's fairly weak for such a late game boss and is plagued with low Attack and Arte Attack stats. That being said, the witch does have a high Defense stat that requires you to strike her weaknesses to actually do decent damage, but it is unlikely that she will do enough damage to actually kill one of your active members.

Make sure to interrupt her malak artes by being aggressive and you'll barely take any hits in this fight. Since this is a new area, let's take a moment to clear out all the treasures. Head south to collect the geotree and glide across the gap to the south and then check the dead end to the west for an Arcane Bottle. Continue south to the next area and ignore the first exit to the west and continue south and then head through the second western tunnel to a Katz Box with some Bushy Eyebrows.

In the next area, head north and glide over the gap to the east for a Grape Gel and then continue north to another chest with a Drop Bottle before circling back to the area with the Katz Box. Check the eastern tunnel, across from the tunnel with the Katz Box, to collect a Panacea Bottle and then exit to the south and head straight south to a dead end with Gald.

Backtrack to the split and head west, checking the southern wall for a Red Rosemary , and then continue west, ignoring the northern exit, and check the eastern wall of the next room for a Mythril Fragmen t. You can now exit to the north and take the eastern path about halfway up to find a chest with a Denore Bottle and then backtrack and head down the other tunnel to find a Grape Gel before continuing to the northern exit. Head south at the split and glide across the gap to the south for a Soul Bottle and then backtack and head north to another split.

Take the western path to a dead end with an Elixir , Ember Paper , and Red Saffron and then return to the split and make your way to the eastern exit. This path will lead back to the entrance, in the previously inaccessible area with Gald. Return to Aldina Plains and head to the northern exit to reach Davahl Forest and then head north to a four-way split. Head west and north to a chest with an Arcane Bottle and then backtrack and head south to a tree with Red Fruit. The color of the fruit allows you to pass gas of the same color, meaning Red Fruit will allow you to pass red gas.

Backtrack to the east and pass through the gas to continue to the northern part of the area and then check to the west for a Red Rosemary and Blue Fruit, which will allow you to pass through the gas to the north.

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Head directly west to a dead end with a Panacea Bottle and then head through the northwest exit. Use the rocks on the southern wall to hop over the blocked path and continue west and then make your way all the way south to find a Dark Bottle and some Yellow Fruit. Make sure to eat the fruit and backtrack to the previous area, as reaching the Code Red Hunt requires the geoboard, and then head through the northeast exit. To the north, collect the geotree and then head east and then south down the second path to find a chest with a Force Ring and some Red Fruit.

Eat the fruit to access the other southern path with Gald and then return to the northwest corner of this area to eat some Blue Fruit. This will allow you to pass through the gas to the east and continue north, checking the short dead end to the west for a Red Saffron before exiting to the northeast.

Take the western path and glide over the gap to find a chest with a Denore Bottle near some Yellow Fruit and then backtrack and pass through the gas.

To reach the area behind the blocked part of the road, hop up the rocks on the western side of the area to find a Red Chamomile and some Red Fruit, which you can eat to pass through the gas on the eastern side of the area to find a Soul Bottle. Unfortunately, to reach the event bubble to the north you'll need to eat the Yellow Fruit again, located near the entrance. Since you can't backtrack with your current Red Fruit, head north to find some Blue Fruit and then make your way back to the Yellow Fruit. You can now make your way to the north for a scene to obtain the World Tree Leaf following the skit That Exorcist Make sure to collect the Purity Charm from the area before teleporting back to Aldina Plains and then return to Davahl Forest.

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Let's finish up the area! Head north and glide across the gap to the north and then eat the Blue Fruit on the left to exit to the north. Continue to the northwest exit and hop up the rocks to the north to find a ledge with some Red Fruit and then continue west to the Code Red Hunt. Since this boss can be accessed as early as your first visit to Aldina Plains, it's beyond easy at this point in the game.

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You can now collect the Feldspar Fragment , glide back across to the east, and then make your way south to find another wall of red gas blocking the Katz Box. Sail to Titania and approach the entrance to trigger the skit Arrival on Titania and then make your way to the south docks for a scene. Phoenix is the highest level boss in the game and is just as difficult as you'd expect. In fact, this battle will let you know how tough of a time you'll have when you go to take on Artorius and Innominat in the final battle. If that wasn't enough, Phoenix can also use I am a bird!

The worst part about Phoenix is that his small size and speedy movement makes it difficult to actually make contact with your attacks. The best strategy is to guard a Foot Kick to prevent being stunned, and reduce damage, and then instantly unleash a combo on him before he moves on to another target. Focus on using all earth-based attacks that don't strike one of his resistances and use Velvet's Annihilating Crash Mystic Arte over Lethal Pain. Make sure he uses both of his Mystic Arte in battle if you want the trophy for seeing all Mystic Artes in the game.

Note that his second Mystic Arte is a revival arte that sometimes occurs upon death, so make sure to save before the fight in case it doesn't trigger. After the fight you'll obtain the Mini-Normin , but don't leave just yet. Head back up the stairs to the central part of the fortress and take the stairs down to B2 and then enter the cell block to find a Code Red Hunt. If you made it through the Phoenix battle this shouldn't prove much of an issue, especially since this bounty can be engaged as early as you're escape from Titania when it was under attack by the Abbey.

You can now return to the front docks for the skit Normin Factions for a comparison between normin and cats and dogs. Make your way to the church, where Kurogane forged himself into a sword, and speak with Grim for a conversation and the skit A Place for the Witch to obtain the Color Variant Style Magilou and Color Variant Outfit Magilou and then approach the altar for some additional dialogue.

Teleport back to Stonebury to reach the Aldina Plains and then make your way to the plateau where you first encountered the dragon Theodora for a scene. Shenlong should be a tough battle, but after the whole Phoenix non-sense she'll feel rather paltry. Despite decently high stats across the board, Shenlong is only deadly from the front and her arsenal of wind-based attacks are easy to avoid by sticking to her vulnerable sides.

Watch out for using Velvet's Soaring Dragon and Sclae Crusher, as they both strike a resistance, and use theronization to strike the dragon category for a weak points combo before unleashing a Mystic Arte. Sail to Yseult and speak with Morgrim on the docks to learn about a new Earthpulse rift in Tranquil Woods and then head toward the tavern to speak with a Bloodwing behind one of the buildings for the skit Treasure of the Far Continent. In Haria Village, speak with the woman to the west of the Inn and then enter the Inn to speak with a history student and an unvoiced youth good job, guys!

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Continue to Manann Reef and keep heading northeast until you spot an event bubble and then approach the chest for a scene and skit Siegfried's Manual. This Code Red Hunt can be taken on much earlier in the game, when Ysuelt first re-opens for visiting. This means that it is extremely underleveled for your party and you shouldn't have any trouble defeating it. Teleport to Aball and head toward Velvet's house for a scene near the gravestones and then make your way to the shrine in Tranquil Woods. After the skit Entrance to the Earthpulse , check the hole behind the rift for some additional dialogue on Innominat's resting place before entering the rift.

There are no items in the earthpulse, but if you take the warp to southwest you'll reach the Code Red Hunt for this area. The Phantom is slightly below the level of some other Code Red Hunts at this point in the game and while it can do some decent damage, it is unlikely that it will kill your party members. Focus on the power links first to build up your souls and then unleash a massive Break Souls combo on the Phantom with a Mystic Arte finisher to deplete a chunk of its life.

Backtrack through the warp and take the other warp point to a new landmass and then follow the path to a flashback, followed by the skit To Complete the Armatus. Continue to the next warp to a new landmass and head south, as the northwest warp leads to a dead end, and then follow the path for another flashback and skit The Point of Knowing. You can now continue to the south warp to reach the final area for one final flashback and the skit To Mom , where you'll automatically be teleported to Titania and obtain the Color Variant Outfit Velvet.

The pirates have taken over Titania again, now that it's clear, so head to the Inn near the back docks and rest for the skits The Sailor's Code and Dyle's Tail, Part 2. Sail to Hexen Isle and grab the geotree behind the rocks near Benwick and then open the Katz Box to the northwest for an Earring Right. Make your way west along the southern half of the island to a dead end with some Satan's Wrath Earrings to the north and a Red Sage near one of the Calix monoliths and then backtrack and continue north.

Stick to the east wall to avoid combat with the Hellkite for now and search behind the Calix monolith directly east of the event bubble for a Red Chamomile and then head all the way north to find a chest with an Elixir. The Hellkite is only slightly stronger than the last time you encountered it, but it's also gained a deadly arte attack. Use fire resistance gear to cut back on the dragon's fire-based breath attacks and Calamity Flare, which causes a wave of fire to spread across the arena, and make sure to back far away from the dragon when it raises on its hind legs to use Neigh, as you will get stunned even when blocking.

The Demon Rodler primarily uses spells of all elements to tear through characters with low Arte Defense. While some of the Rodler's spells are less dangerous than others, you'll still want to be highly aggressive to interrupt his spells due to the iron stance of 10 hits while casting. Try to avoid attacking him head on, as his Break Souls ability Impact Wave does heavy fire and wind damage to the area directly in front of him, and focus on striking his weaknesses for a weak point combo with Velvet's Moonlight Cyclone, Heaven's Wrath, and Infernal Torrent artes.

Before heading to the Empyrean's Throne, is to clean up any missed Katz Boxes. In its place is combat that, while far from realistic, is a perfect tangle of real-life fighting styles painted with a wash of subtle flair. The lucha libre of El Blaze, a mix of cocky throws and showy beat-downs, can face off against the stuttered acrobatics of Eileen's monkey kung fu or the staggering artistry of Shun Di's drunken fighting; and as ever, Virtua Fighter's greatest trick is how it brings together such disparate techniques in what's surely the fighting genre's most exquisite balancing act.

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It's an act that's not exactly alien to consoles. Sony's PlayStation 3 played host to Version B of the arcade version of Virtua Fighter 5 in , while a handful of months later the Xbox got Version C as well as the all-important inclusion of online play. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is a download-only port for both consoles of a arcade update that, the name suggests, is the end of the line for this particular strand of AM2's series.

So what's changed? Final Showdown saw Virtua Fighter 5 move from Sega's Lindbergh board to its more modern RingEdge hardware, with the benefits trickling down to this belated console outing through the slightest of boosts in graphical detail. Any visual improvements are largely moot, though.

There's an ageless charm to Virtua Fighter 5's aesthetic that ensures that Final Showdown rarely shows its years, and it's all hammed up by Sega in some delightful ways; voice acting is hilariously strained and overstated and there's an intentional distortion on the announcer's voice that makes even the crispest audio system sound like it's a beaten-up cabinet in some dark corner of a Shibuya arcade.

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Two new characters are also introduced, with sumo wrestler Taka-arashi returning after an extended absence and the exhaustive, charged karate of Jean Kujo making its series debut. More enclosed arenas make for fights that are more mindful of their environment - it's long been possible to bounce players between a fist and a wall, but it's now a more pronounced tactic, with different arenas explicitly imposing different approaches.

Some new moves make the most of this, and throws executed whilst perched atop a half-wall or athletic wall-runs will now be a bigger part of a fighter's vocabulary. There are also more defensive options, and importantly more readily available lines of defence for upstart players. On the flipside, each character's been kitted out with a suite of new attacks to bring the balance back.

As a result, after an initial period of recalibration, the fighting simply feels broader, rather than skewed in any one direction. And balance is something that Final Showdown boasts in excess, an unlikely and artful symmetry having been struck between its extended roster. Virtua Fighter's always been a series of slow, considered steps, one that's happy to admit that it deals in evolution rather than revolution with each iteration being only a double-tap of the stick away from its predecessors.

But evolution's a wonderful thing, and in Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown we've got the fittest, most wily and intelligent of fighters, and one that's adapted in tune to its small, dedicated community.