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I greet and end each day with the hope that I might make some small change that will improve life for someone.

A Road Trip With Pakhtoon Father By Our Vines & Rakx Production New 2018

Some of what I write is to entertain, hopefully with some redeeming aspect being illustrated. I write to nourish that part of me that needs to feel like I am positively impacting life. It is one of my first reviews on Layers of Thought and is linked on the title. Thank you Bill! Wow, thank you for a wonderful review. If anyone outside of the US wants to purchase the book, email me. I have no clue what it costs to mail outside of the US, if it doesn't make the cost of the book prohibitive, I will be happy to ship anywhere.

My next book in this series will be "Mommy's Black Eye" which deals with domestic violence. Bill - Thanks! Everyone Bill the author for "Daddy Goes on a Trip" will be in the comment section to chat or answer any questions about his book. Post a Comment. Paperback: 24 pages Publisher: CreateSpace October 15, As long as I know I'm safe, an we have a understanding, an mutual agreement. An once we talked a little an got to know each other instead of rushing. I would like to be comfortable to ensure my safety. An to know that I can trust him to keep his word an show action behind.

It because everybody is not who they betray to be at times. This question brings a lot of varied answers, which is great. I'd definitely travel long distance to see my sugar daddy. Of course I'd have to have been speaking to him for a while, however, I'd use the allowance my sugar daddy gave to me in order to fly over and see him.

I'd love to surprise him one time and spoil him with attention and fussing. Long distance travel would require a big amount of trust though. Although I love travelling and seeing places so it wouldn't be an issue for me. Of course. I love to get away from where I live. Kind of like a vacate. Of course all expenses paid would have to be in order My sugar Daddy would get rewarded In any way he wanted of course. I'm going to also say if he wants my company who am I to say no? I'm here for him just as much as much as he's here for me. Getting me out of my element also would just b fantastic bc I haven't traveled much so Long distance wouldn't be an issue, of course i would want to get to know my daddy before i would hop on a plane and meet up, but im a new sugar baby so im trying to get the hang of everything before i would leave town to see him.

But im young and fun and want to see the world and differnece places, different cultures and different people other than the ones i see everyday. That would be my ideal situation. I love to travel and would love to be shown around a new city. Take me to your favorite places! Travelling is just another adventure in this thing we call life. I am also interested in travelling for my SD because I truly do not get to travel. There is not much to do on an island and it get's boring quick! We don't need to travel the world a new state is perfectly fine!!

I love traveling. I would love to travel to see and meet a sugar momma or sugar daddy. It seems like a lot of fun and very adventurous. You have to have communication and tell them exactly what you need or want to be able to have that kind of relationship with them. It seems so much fun though. Think of all the places you could go. Dressing up and impressing them to be able to be shown off.

Not really. As a sugar baby in a long term, serious relationship. We are living together like a coupls. We are going togetger everywhere and we can spoil each other back and forth. He caring a lot about me and about my future. We made our rules and boundaries, it works pretty well between us. But I would consider traveling to meet him for the right price and if he paid for a friend to come along with me.

Also all expenses would have to be on the sugar Daddy. No out of pocket expenses from me or my friend. I would have no problem of course we would talk about scheduling if i have something important going on with school etc. But I'm defiantly down for any kind of adventure!!! I love to travel and if he needs me for an event i will be there looking wonderful for him. If he just wants some company i would be more than happy but i think i would do that as first time meeting.

Of coarse! Distance doesn't mean much when the connection is there!

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Just because we have so much space in between doesn't mean I can't make him feel nice, doesn't mean I'm not there for him. He'd like coming to town looking forward to something young, beautiful and classy to keep him company and show HIM a good time.

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Distance isn't a big deal, as long as your commutes and open to it! Being new sugar baby, I wouldn't jump to quickly. I would feel a little bit uncomfortable. But if I were to talk to my daddy for a while and video chatted with them I would feel more comfortable. I love travel and getting to see new places.

As long as they are willing to come to me once or twice till I am comfortable flying to a strange city with a ticket they buy of course then I am totally down to be flown wherever! Across the country, internationally etc. I want to see the world so the further away the better. I've never had a reason to travel. I'm new to this and I've been scammed before but if the sbsd relationship is genuine to me then of course I would go anywhere for them or with them : i would want them to be just as happy as they make me. I would hope that all sugar babies feel this way.

If my daddy or mama is going to spoil me then I would go anywhere or do almost anything to show them how much I appreciate them! It opens doors for opportunity and ambition!

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After a long time of talking and meeting a good few times on little dates, I may consider traveling. Could you imagine being stuck on a long trip with someone who gets on every single one of your nerves? But if you like the person and truly enjoy their company and if you love to travel, go travel!

Nothing is stopping you! I would love to have a long distance travel relationship with my sugar daddy because I love to travel and I love spending time getting to know new people and new places I feel like expanding my horizons is something that is super important and also it helps will recreate myself and keep me interesting for those that can appreciate my uniqueness thank you.

Yes I would, that is the type of relationship I want to have anyways. Also it may be weird but the fact that I know there is distance between the two of us us almost satisfying and pleasant. I believe once I get more involved with this process and how things work I would absolutely love to travel to be with my Sugar Daddy.

Of course, we would have to get to know each other a little better and be very comfortable with each other first.

Dear Google Boss, Daddy Needs the Day Off. PS, It’s Summer, You Know.

I would be open to it after getting to know my SD. Yes, I love traveling and I would without a doubt spend however many hours on a plane I need to to see my daddy. I just hope he makes traveling all the time worth it. And I don't mean by compensating with cash.

I mean his company. I don't want to travel all the way to spend like a few minutes with him before he needs to leave. I travel to be with my daddy and spend quality time. I came on here as travel being part of it. It can be nerve racking thinking about safety concerns and who people are genuinely.

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But i would advice snyone to have a security back up plan in place and let someone with means to assist in an emergency know where you are when you arrive and use WiFi to post location at every opportunity. Get to know them. I would love that. Traveling is so much fun, it would be extremely exciting to have a sugar daddy somewhere else.

Though that doesn't seem like the ideal setup for most of the daddy's on the website. I don't think distance should hold back any relationship if the connection is strong enough. I wouldn't have anyone get their hopes up for a completely online relationship. You never know exactly what your getting so I feel like I would have to get to know him for a while before I would actually agree on taking the trip to see him.

Of course! I've always loved traveling. If my sugar daddy wanted to travel with me I would feel blessed to have the opportunity. Traveling with someone is a great way to see if you guys are compatible.

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Just Just the idea of being able to travel with someone special makes me happy. The idea of sharing a moment like that with someone, traveling the world while slowly falling in love I love the idea of it. I am a new sugar baby, however, I would travel to my daddy if my daddy make a it possible. I would not yet have the money to go and see him when he wants.