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Diet soda is actually really, really bad for you. And you should stop drinking it. Did your dating years involve The Rules, the dating book that advised single women to "[not to] call him and rarely return his calls. So call or don't call, swipe left or swipe right, text or ghost the guy or gal just don't breadcrumb them!

You are savvy and experienced enough at 50 to make your own rules when it comes to dating. Have a healthy late-night snack instead of starving before bed. So forget this silly rule. Wear white when you feel like it except for at a wedding. The science is out on whether or not drinking alcohol in moderation will help you live longer or greatly shorten your lifespan. However, after a certain age, the way you metabolize alcohol changes. Do you know the best foods to eat to avoid Alzheimer's? Yes, it may be tempting to eat low-fat foods to keep slim, but olive oil, salmon, nuts, and avocados have all been linked to better cognitive function.

All fats, even the saturated kinds, can help keep your cholesterol down and actually help you live longer. Consider putting together your family tree or getting a DNA test to find our your ancestry. You can even just hang out with your mom and learn old family stories. Spending time with your mama is good for her health and yours too. Forget that dye. Heck, even younger celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna have dyed their hair gray on purpose. If you want something badly enough, go after it! Be proactive! Says who? There are so many new things one can try to do in life.

You can pick up a new sport, learn a new language, or do anything you want to. The time for self-improvement is now. Think your days of solo travel , going to music festivals, or skydiving are behind you? Go explore the world! Pick up the phone and give them a ring. How can you take this piece of advice and flip it on its head?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Turning 50 for Women

Take a little time out and actually go on a picnic. Spending time in nature can de-stress you, and we all know classic picnic foods are the best. Oh, but they do. You are very much an adult, so just be honest with those around you. Counting calories is actually sabotaging any hopes of losing weight. Plus, as you age, your metabolism fluctuates. Instead of focusing on numbers, focus on your hunger cues and cravings.

Men and women can totally have a platonic friendship, and they can be seriously rewarding. You may feel very secure in your career at 50, but you never know what may happen. Stay plugged in to your chosen industry through Facebook, LinkedIn, and networking events. You may feel contented with the friends you have already.

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But in fact, people with close friendships live longer. So connect with new people — you never know who you may hit it off with! Yes, you've been meaning to get the horse but … 6. The gym ultra-membership. How about the dog, the shoes, the SPF 50 and the open road? Those seven, nine or 20 unfinished quilts and birdhouses.

Your very own chickens really, really not. Four-inch heels for the wedding reception. Another cat. Another hat. A bigger flat screen. A bigger boat. A bigger mortgage.

More than channels in one night. More than calories in one hand. Double cheese.

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Leaving AARP. Got it! Please don't show me this again for 90 days. Cancel Continue. Thank You Close. Your email address is now confirmed. Explore all that AARP has to offer. Even if it is something you wanted, it still can create big changes in your life and sense of self, as does starting a new life with a new person.

A personal theme is a guide that states what you are reaching for and moving toward. It lets you focus on the bigger picture. Ask yourself what you want your life to look like over the next few years, and you'll come up with a vision for your future, which will be your personal theme.

Once you have your theme, you can work on getting rid of everything in your life that doesn't fit the theme, and you will be prepared to let go of the clutter.

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After meeting with Julie, my personal theme became to "simplify my life" because I was feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to simplify every aspect of my life: hair, health, makeup, home, food, finances, work, everything. That theme continues to drive me forward in everything I do and is a big part of the reason why I wrote my book.

Adopting this theme made it much easier for me to get rid of things that no longer fit in my life. Clutter can take many different forms, but all of it can make you feel weighed down and stuck. Clutter is anything that is obsolete, time-consuming and de-energizing. If you can call it clutter, then chances are good that it doesn't belong in your life anymore. The four main types of clutter are:.

Obligations: Obsolete roles and responsibilities can be the hardest to get rid of because they often involve other people -- like boards, committees and clubs.

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You need to be sensitive to others when shedding, but you can't let other people's needs dictate your decision. Habits: If you are a perfectionist, a chronic procrastinator or a workaholic, you are doing yourself a great disservice. These habits waste time and energy and are stressful and draining. People who have these habits often waste additional time by beating themselves up about having them. Once we're over 50, we don't need to be perfectionists or workaholics anymore. We've proven ourselves. We no longer need to be defined by what we do. Instead, try to focus more on who we are as people.

It's enough to be engaging, interesting and involved. Once you've gone through those steps, you will have a clear idea of where you are, where you want to be, and what is holding you back. Then you will be ready to shed your stuff.

The 'middlepause': what no one tells you about turning 50

The process of shedding, as Julie calls it, has a few steps, which provides a framework for managing change and helps us get rid of clutter that makes us feel stuck. Give the stuff you don't want the old heave-ho. Once you've gone through the process of choosing what stays, you have to get rid of the rest. Say goodbye and let it go. Decide what you will give away, sell, recycle or donate, then get it out of your space. Don't let bags of stuff sit in the hallway or closet. If stuff is physically around, then you haven't been successful in getting rid of it.

When you organize a space -- your hall closet, for example -- there's a starting point and an ending point. When you go through a shedding process, there is often no obvious ending point. How do you know when the transition is complete? If you no longer feel stuck, you can safely say that you've done it. Don't be afraid of setbacks.

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When you're in your fifties, it's very tempting to shrink back into your familiar clutter. So many things can happen all at once -- aging parents, illness, divorce, job setbacks or changes, new opportunities -- it's easy to get overwhelmed all over again. Focus on how far you've come, and always keep your eye on your theme.